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VIDEO: CSeries has space for your bags

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft vice-president marketing Philippe Poutissou shows us the big bags that will fit in the CSeries’ big overhead bins. Two big thumbs up!Key quote: “This airplane has been designed with a huge amount of onboard stowage.”

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Could Bombardier break ground on new IFE&C paradeigm?

  My colleague Megan Kuhn travelled to Montreal this week to witness the groundbreaking of Bombardier’s first CSeries facility, a training center called CIASTA – first revealed here – that will house a virtual CSeries aircraft. While in Montreal, Megan asked Bombardier executives about the airframer’s plans for IFE on the aircraft. You may recall […]

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Roll out the barrel but leave this seat on the drawing room floor

Bombardier’s very first CSeries test aircraft is poised to start taking shape after the first fuselage test barrel was delivered to the airframer’s St Laurent facility outside of Montreal. Check out Bombardier’s video (hey, those are some nice multi-media skills you’ve got going there, Bombardier!). > Bombardier is being very forward-thinking with this aircraft. Indeed, […]

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Pissing matches, Skype calls and aircraft anointing

I’ve returned from my holiday to find a mountain of stuff just begging for a blogging outlet. And when that happens, we need a News and Rumour roundup. So let’s get this party started. For those who have not been clicking onto Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel, let me urge you to start doing so. Last week […]

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Bombardier embraces social media; names Panasonic as CSeries supplier

I’ve been meaning to blog about this all week. During a delightful, delicious press dinner last Sunday in Paris, Bombardier told the world’s aviation journalists that it intends to embrace social media networking. The airframer is open to ideas on how to proceed, but obviously @Bombardier on Twitter is a wonderful way to start. For those […]

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VIDEO: Me, a Flightblogger and Stefan go wild in Paris

Ohhhhh, day 2. What a freaking day! I’m dragging my tail behind me and I’ve still got another full day at the Paris Air Show. But man, is this fun, or what? I teamed up with Flightblogger again for a show wrap-up – and even dragged out our dear plastic friend Stefan the Pilot – for an […]

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VIDEO: Runway Girl Takes Canadian Adventure to Bombardier

The last week and a half has been an exercise in self control for me. I’ve tried to pace out all the wonderful news I scored from Bombardier on my visit to the airframer’s Montreal and Toronto plants. But you didn’t think I’d leave those kind Canadian folks without taking some video did you? Check out […]

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PHOTOS: The white tails you didn’t see at EBACE

In recent days I’ve posted several stories about Bombardier’s activities. It is safe to say that the Canadian airframer is busy as heck with the CSeries and its Q400 line. And it is still pushing out elegantly outfitted NextGen CRJs and business aircraft for customers around the world. It is not news to anybody that the global economic crisis has had […]

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EXCLUSIVE: First look at planned CSeries test facility, CIASTA

The CSeries training facility that Bombardier will start erecting this fall is called CIASTA or the “Complete Integrated Aircraft System Test Area”. As you’ll see from this exclusive slide, CIASTA will house the first complete test vehicle “enabling earlier product maturity”. The building will be in place one year ahead of flight testing. The CSeries […]

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Exclusive: Bombardier’s new five-screen CSeries flight deck revealed

What’s got five 15.1in LCD screens, a sidestick with auto throttle, glareshield tuning, integrated overhead panel, virtual panels, a cursor and keyboard, and an electronic check-list (with options for single and dual head-up displays and class 2 EFB)? That would be Bombardier’s new CSeries flight deck. It’s no secret that Bombardier selected Pro Line Fusion, […]

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