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A little slip but BoardConnect install still planned for this year

German holiday carrier Condor is still planning to offer Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect wireless in-flight entertainment to passengers, although the time frame for doing so has slipped a little bit to the right, RWG has learned. The airline is in the process of taking over two aircraft from another airline, and refurbishing them with its own […]

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Holy Hell! Virgin America to offer wireless IFE from Lufthansa Systems

Virgin America, which offers one of the best embedded in-flight entertainment systems in the US skies, has teamed with Lufthansa Systems to bring streaming video to passengers. I received the following brief email just now: Media invitation: Virgin America and Lufthansa Systems team up to take in-flight entertainment to new heights. I presume more info […]

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Free beer in flight (but only if you’re a criminal)

Those beers you order in flight? They are not charged in real time to your credit card. Nor are the sandwiches or the snack packs or the movies or the duty free you order from the flight attendants’ trolley or via the in-flight entertainment system. Those transactions occur when the aircraft reaches the gate. After […]

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Aircell reveals Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi equipage numbers

To use its own phraseology, Aircell is able to push out Gogo-equipped aircraft “like boxes of popcorn”. By the end of the year, the Chicago-headquartered firm will have retrofitted 1,067 aircraft with the in-flight Internet system, an increase of 372 aircraft over year-end 2009. Below, you’ll find the latest number of aircraft fitted with Gogo […]

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Dassault Falcon claims managed VoIP first with 7X delivery

Dassault Falcon is claiming the distinction of having delivered the first business jet, a Falcon 7X, capable of providing fully-managed end-to-end VoIP telephony services over the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) network. The aircraft was delivered to a European client, but Dassault Falcon notes that the system is available on all current production aircraft as an option. […]

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Cache machine: Aircell reveals details of ‘video client’

Aircell’s cached video solution, first revealed by RWG in December 2008, is starting to garner some mainstream media attention. A good thing too, since the solution – dubbed the ‘Aircell Video Client’ – appears to be a clever tool in Aircell’s shed, and a good way to use that 1 terabyte of server storage already […]

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Operating profit for Virgin America – IFEC paying off?

Woohoo! Virgin America, that funky, daring start-up carrier that gives you fully-loaded in-flight entertainment (Panasonic/CoKinetics) and connectivity (Aircell’s Gogo) has just posted its first operating profit. Freaking A, that’s great. Is robust IFEC paying off? Key quote from Virgin America CEO David Cush: “Despite an uncertain economic climate since our 2007 launch, we’repleased to report […]

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Wi-Fi love for Virgins and experienced alike

Bloody hell but Virgin America is a smart promotional cookie (as usual). Aircell has been giving out free “first timers” promos for its Gogo in-flight broadband solution for months, but Virgin America has had the good sense to let Google put its stamp on all that free Wi-Fi love from 10 November 2009 until 15 […]

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Are bandwidth limitations serious?

Are we already seeing evidence of bandwidth limitations on today’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights? Some users say “yes”. Check out the following iTunes preview: http://inflightmusic.blogspot.com It was recorded in-flight using video screen capture software. Then go to the iTunes site on your home or office computer and listen to a free song preview yourself. You will see […]

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Powerful stuff

Like Laurel and Hardy, peanut butter and jelly and a runway girl and her stilettos, in-flight Wi-Fi and in-seat power make a very good combo. Unfortunately, only a few broadband-equipped carriers offer passengers the ability to plug in and connect at the same time. Virgin America is a clear exception. And American Airlines is also […]

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