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American Airlines’ passengers are angels but who cares?

Aircell did its part to prevent users of its Gogo in-flight connectivity service from logging on to XXX web sites. In its “In-flight Etiquette” video the company urged: “When it comes to the sites you visit, be an angel. Remember you are in public. You wouldn’t want to shock your neighbour or reveal confidential information.” […]

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The air was thin, but here’s why Aspen was a gold news rush

Labouring for breath in Aspen made me realize a few things – A) It was a good idea to quit smoking (okay, I sneak the very odd one); B) I am incredibly out of shape (though grateful for my dad’s metabolism) and C) I should have booked the Boyd conference earlier and snagged a room […]

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Consumer to Delta: Now that you’ve got Gogo, drop the mag

Delta Air Lines today received some good, environmentally-sound advice from a consumer – now that you are planning to offer in-flight Internet access, “maybe it is time to rethink the printing and publication of that mediocre in-flight magazine”. The comment, from an individual that refers to him/herself as “Walkabout”, was made in response to Delta’s […]

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British Airways and the iPhone experience

We’ve talked a lot about how cell phones and blackberries are changing the travel experience in-flight. But there is plenty of action happening on the ground too. And rightly so. Nowadays, it’s pretty important to have up-to-the-minute flight information at your fingertips. This way, you’ll know when your aircraft is scheduled to (eventually) take off, […]

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Bombardier CSeries order talk

When Bombardier launched the geared turbofan-powered CSeries at Farnborough with a letter of interest from Lufthansa for 60 aircraft, the industry raised a collective eyebrow. Hadn’t the manufacturer said it needed 50 to 100 firm orders to kick start the programme? And when Lufthansa followed up the announcement by saying that it will not be […]

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Airline passengers’ DVT case ends run

The other day I had what I’d like to think was a brilliant idea. Airlines that offer uncomfortably snug seating arrangements in steerage class (you know who you are), could start charging for compression stockings to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Hear me out. A trendy compression stocking supplier – if there is such a […]

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Is the airline business still sexy? Delta thinks so!

I have one question for Delta executive VP of network planning and revenue management Glen Hauenstein. What’s your definition of sexy? In a new promotional video about Delta’s 2008 “flight plan”, Hauenstein says: “We are all addicts in the airline business because it is sexy and it is fast-moving and it does change a lot […]

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LiveTV: Eagle is out of the canary cage

Not so very long ago, a then nubile Runway Girl blog noted that the adoption by US carriers of in-seat live satellite television – together with connectivity services – was a growing trend. Despite serious industry challenges of late, some airlines are keen to keep this trend alive. And LiveTV appears well-placed to capture a nice […]

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US Airways scales back A330 plan: Sign of things to come?

Narrowbody deferrals have become a frequent occurrence around these parts, as US airlines struggle to survive the onslaught of sky-high fuel prices and a weakening economy. Thus far, however, widebody delivery schedules – and orders – remain largely untouched as international growth continues to help offset the domestic downturn. But there may be trouble ahead. […]

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USA’s blood red ink a stark contrast to Farnborough action

No matter which way you slice it, the Farnborough air show has been a marvel of activity this week with massive aircraft and engine orders from plenty of non-US airlines, a slew of cooperative agreements and MRO deals, and the launch of Bombardier’s CSeries programme (although with a letter of interest from Lufthansa, we might […]

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