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Delayed 747-8 provokes raffle fun from cheeky monkey

Chock it up to incredibly unfortunate timing. Boeing  placed its 747-8 mini mockup on display at this week’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm Springs, California only to announce later in the week that the aircraft programme would be delayed again and that the airframer would take a pre-tax charge of “approximately $1 billion” […]

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One satcom antenna and two hot IFE&C presentations

I really must have too many balls in the air (easy) or perhaps I’m going slightly bonkers (I prefer the term “eccentric”), because I just took a good hard look at my desktop and found the two hottest IFE&C presentations of late just sitting there, begging to be posted to Runway Girl. Now then, if […]

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No way, no how? And another AirAsia X revelation

Boeing Commercial Airplanes manager, media relations Jim Proulx read my standing-seats blog from yesterday and was kind enough to weigh in on the subject for my feature. Here is Boeing’s on-record stance: “We are not contemplating standing-only accommodations on Boeing jetliners, nor do we have any plans to do so. Among other things, stringent regulatory […]

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Everett gallery (787s, hard work, and working hard at play)

Over the last several days this blog has featured just some of the news to come out of the World Airline Entertainment Association’s (WAEA’s) single focus connectivity workshop, which was held on 14-15 July at Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum in Everett, Washington. Flight Global’s new IFE&C web channel has also been running a list of stories from […]

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IFE&C – and interiors – news and rumour roundup (March 26)

As we wait in breathless anticipation for the news to flow from the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg (that’s Interiors without an apostrophe for the sharp-eyed editors amongst you) there is a mountain of in-flight entertainment and connectivity – and interiors – news piling up in advance of the event. And when that occurs, there […]

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Exostar growth explosion (plus a trickle of 787 supply chain chat)

Sometimes the less-sexy topics in aviation get relatively little coverage even if they deserve attention. Take online exchanges, for example. Several years ago, names like Aeroxchange, ESIS, Exostar, PartsBase and Cordiem were starting to break technological ground – and news – by boasting plans to support direct procurement. Some died (Cordiem), some survived, (Aeroxchange), and […]

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Now launched, the Bombardier CSeries needs to arrive on time

Several years worth of major aircraft programme delays, first from Airbus and then Boeing, has made the industry sceptical about whether airframers can bring new-design jets to market within the constraints of their own ambitious schedules. With credibility down due to slip-ups – and outright mess-ups – in the A380 and 787 programmes, the pressure is […]

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A planet for pearls

Yesterday, businessman Lou Pearlman was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for running a lengthy scam that swindled folks out of $300 million. Pearlman is best known as having founded popular boy bands Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, and living large. You might also recall that he had his fingers in the aviation business. Pearlman’s […]

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A green conference hiccup and an airline embrace

I recently highlighted two aviation conferences as part of my Paddy’s Day blog about the latest parade of industry greening efforts – the Green Skies Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, and the Eco-Aviation Conference in Washington DC. The events were scheduled to occur one month apart, starting with Green Skies on 21-23 May. Fast-forward […]

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Embraer will not be pressured into next-gen narrowbody development

Embraer is cooking with gas, as they say. The company today reported a 61% increase in fourth quarter net profit on a 77% rise in revenue. A number of factors contributed to these gains. Discussing its results in a conference call this morning, Embraer president and CEO Frederico Fleury Curado said dedicated efforts to address […]

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