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Exclusive: Design Q to reveal new Fusion interior for ABJ at #NBAA10

On Tuesday at the NBAA show in Atlanta, BAE Systems and Design Q will unveil the next interior design concept for the Avro Business Jet (ABJ). But you can see the first image of the super-slick interior here. The so-called ABJ Fusion concept takes in the entire length of the aircraft’s fuselage with different lounge […]

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BAE’s ‘Explorer’ offers the ultimate tailgate experience

Last night I released the first image of BAE Systems’ new ‘Explorer’ vessel concept for the Avro business jet on Twitter and FaceBook. The response has been amazing, with many suggesting that the Explorer – designed in partnership with premier UK design firm Design Q – is akin to a high-end (flying) RV. Here are […]

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VIDEO: Bizjet interiors that rocked in Dubai

Whether it was Dassault’s in-house aircraft interiors solutions for the Falcon line or Design Q’s work on a Bulgaria BAe-146, aircraft interiors rocked in Dubai (as did the Saab laser-guided missile defense system – now that’s a big gun!).

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Exclusive Pics: Design Q seeks to transform luxury travel

Design Q wants to transform luxury travel, and it just might do that with its new futuristic modular heliport design. Read the entire story at the following link. But check out Design Q’s other blueprints, exclusive to Flight (below). You’ll see that while Design Q is happy to serve the low-cost market with solutions like […]

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Anatomy of an idea (how MAXCABIN was born)

Design Q’s MAXCABIN sideways seating concept for short-haul travel continues to amuse and bemuse. Design Q has revealed that MAXCABIN evolved from a project conducted by Design Q for a primary school classroom. Want to see how it all got started? Check out the anatomy of Design Q’s idea (below). It makes for a more […]

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It’s called MAXCABIN

The seemingly crazy ‘sideways seating’ idea tabled by Design Q – and reported by yours truly first (yes, even before FOX and countless other news entities) - is moving quickly forward with possible tests taking place in December. Oh yes, and it has a name - MAXCABIN. I’ll bet the Asian carriers and Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary will be all […]

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Thinking outside the box for inside the tube

My recent blog about Design Q’s preliminary concept for ‘troop-type’ seating has generated a lot of interest thanks in no small part to Fox News, which asked in a recent article: “Will Sideways Seating Be Future of Air Travel?” But while some military folks saw sideways seating as ‘no big deal’, others were aghast at the mere mention of […]

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Exclusive: Design Q reveals new high-density seating concept

Are you an airline that wants to offer high-density configurations on short-haul flights but doesn’t want the media circus – and logistical headaches – of installing/certifying vertical seats? Well then premier UK-based consultancy Design Q may just have the answer for you. The company, which was instrumental in the design of Virgin Atlantic’s acclaimed “Upper […]

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Can you stand it? An in-flight bum shelf that is….

News that Chinese carrier Spring Airlines is considering a standing-room-only configuration for its on-order aircraft may give some folks in the interiors space a solid case of déjà vu (while giving Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary even more ideas). It wasn’t so very long ago that the Wall Street Journal broke a story about a similar […]

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VIDEO: Why the Hamburg Interior’s Expo is so important

Hello Runway Girl readers, I just pushed out a quick and dirty web cam video about the upcoming Hamburg Interior’s show.  It should be a great event. Just check out some of the IFE&C players that will be there.  

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