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Three more reasons why the Paris Air Show rocked

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Rockwell Collins IS BACK in the NEW in-seat IFE game!

Rockwell Collins will tell you that it never really left the world of in-seat audio/video on demand (AVOD). And, quite technically, Rockwell Collins is right. The company’s eTES and dTES in-flight entertainment systems are in operation on myriad aircraft in the world fleet, and the firm has continued to support these solutions for its customers. […]

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Carriers move to fit regional jets with in-flight connectivity

Cabin innovation in the commercial sector is not only occurring at mainline operators. In fact, regional carriers from around the globe – as well as airframers Bombardier and Embraer – are looking at ways to jazz up the interiors and technology on board their hard-working regional birds.Case in point – Libyan Airlines is looking at […]

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Embraer’s ‘technology’ presentation is worth a look

Embraer recently discussed how in-flight connectivity will play a key role in the next new “intelligent” commercial aircraft it brings to market. Now the Brazilian airframer has made a March 2010 technology presentation available to the public. The presentation provides a more graphical idea of what Embraer’s larger technology development strategy entails (while sadly holding […]

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The next best part of Paris for me…

…was partying down with Embraer at the AJOYA awards. No, I didn’t snag one, although my colleagues Niall O’Keeffe and Flightblogger Jon Ostrower did (congrats guys!). But I still had loads of fun…can you tell?  

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VIDEO: The great divide in aircraft orders and financing

Okay, so it has taken me a little longer to post this vlog than I expected, but the message to come out of ISTAT last month in Scottsdale is still all too relevant. There is a big – nay huge – divide between aircraft on order and aircraft that are currently financed (or have any hope of near-term financing). […]

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I’ve got a jetliner cabin for you

As engineers consider interiors for new-design aircraft, it’s helpful to take a look at some of the most innovative designs of the past and present as well as concepts that have been mulled for today’s latest generation aircraft, such as the Airbus A380. To do that, I’ve received permission to publish an array of photos from what is perhaps […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (Dec 12)

UPDATED to include EMS Technologies’ acquisition of Formation, and a Delta disclosure It has been a busy week in the world of IFE&C so let’s do a little roundup of all the stuff I didn’t get a chance to write about, shall we? HARD NEWS: EMS Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Formation, […]

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Air Canada IFE and a little case of the nasty

Aerospace and defence consultant G2 Solutions is highlighting a rather funny photo on its web site. Forwarded to G2 by a Montreal-based consultant, the snap speaks for itself.   Air Canada in 2005 awarded a huge contract to Thales to equip its aircraft – including Bombardier CRJ705s and Embraer E-Jets – with the TopSeries platform. The introduction of a single […]

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Slim seats for Embraer E-Jets within two years, reveals Chiessi

Embraer plans to offer new “slim seats” as standard across its E-Jets family within the next two years. The project is part of a list of improvements planned for the E-170/175 and E-190/195. A new generation seat, developed by C&D under Embraer specification, the slim seat improves the passenger living space – specifically the knee distance […]

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