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Turkish 777 pacing to be linefit with in-flight Internet

Boeing has delayed issuing a service bulletin (SB) to addressthe susceptibility of Honeywell Phase 3 displays to EMI,but that is not stopping the USairframer from prepping to deliver 777s equipped with in-flight connectivitysystems. Sources tell RWG that Boeing executives have internallyaccepted placarding of 777 cockpits as an interim solution until the Honeywellproblem is resolved. The […]

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Industry expert Jon Norris tables IFEC forecast for 2011

What does 2011 hold for in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC)? That’s not the easiest question to answer. After all, technology is moving SO fast, and a host of new players are entering the field. I decided to put the query to industry expert Jonathan Norris, who holds the title of vice-president cabin design office at […]

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Virgin’s Branson and Ridgway demo Panasonic connectivity

Virgin Atlantic and Panasonic Avionics last week announced a new partnership that will see the carrier fit its aircraft with new eX2 in-flight entertainment systems and eXPhone in-flight mobile connectivity (the connectivity hardware comes courtesy of Panasonic partner AeroMobile). This is the video that Virgin and Panasonic showed to reporters at the press conference in […]

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V Australia readies to launch first fully integrated IFEC on 777s

V Australia is to start offering in-flight mobile connectivity to passengers on its Boeing 777-300ERs in the second quarter.The carrier, which offers Panasonic’s latest generation eX2 in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, is also a customer of eXPhone, Panasonic’s branding for AeroMobile’s mobile connectivity solution.When eXPhone goes live in the second quarter, it will represent the first […]

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Three more customers for Panasonic high-speed Internet

Upon reading my recent article about the selection by Turkish Airlines of Panasonic Avionics’ Ku-band satellite-based connectivity solution eXConnect for its new long-haul aircraft, one high-level industry executive gave me a good tongue lashing via email, saying I drew conclusions from the Panasonic press release beyond what the manufacturer said.I assured the executive that I […]

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Turkish is going to treat you oh SO good

Panasonic has finally given us the name of another customer for its global communications suite (GCS), and it’s a good one! Turkish Airlines will equip its new Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A330-300s with the full suite, comprising Ku-band satellite-based ‘eXConnect’ high-speed Internet, mobile phone connectivity and live television (a proprietary broadcast TV distribution network). The […]

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Two statements…too funny

For those of you following the Airbus/OnAir/Panasonic/AeroMobile saga, you’re no doubt getting quite the chuckle out of this morning’s back-to-back press releases from Panasonic and from OnAir about IFEC offerability on the A350 XWB.To give you a bit of clarity, Panasonic says its IFEC offerings – including eXPhone and eXConnect – are indeed line-fit offerable […]

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Telenor snatches AeroMobile out of administration

Wow, a busy day today in the world of in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). For starters, Southwest Airlines confirmed it has inked an equipment purchase deal with Row 44, and now AeroMobile is confirming its emergence from administration as a new wholly-owned subsidiary of Norway-based telecommunications giant Telenor Group (which owned the majority of AeroMobile […]

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Telenor’s gamble and Panasonic’s predicament

News that AeroMobile was placed into administration on 21 December has prompted many in the aviation world to ask: why?It’s a reasonable question. While the in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) landscape is littered with Dodo birds – firms that become extinct and then look rather clumsy and ludicrous when discussed in retrospect – AeroMobile seemed […]

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Will airlines sue Airbus over connectivity strategy?

Airbus continues to draw fire for its decision not to make any alternative in-flight mobile connectivity service provider’s solutions line-fit offerable on its portfolio of aircraft. And some parties are reportedly considering legal action.If you’re coming to this discussion late, here is a quick refresher to catch you up to speed before reading on. Airbus […]

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