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House committee backs off federal ban of in-flight cell use

The tides may be turning for in-flight mobile connectivity in the United States. Long-term FAA reauthorization legislation introduced by the US House transportation committee on Friday omits a provision that would have imposed a federal ban on the in-flight use of mobile phones and VoIP. The provision, known in standalone form as the Hang-Up Act […]

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Well played Continental. Well played!

I’m finally seated in front of my computer, after a quick trip to Washington DC where I attended the annual Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) luncheon yesterday.At the event, I asked the trade group’s head honcho Marion Blakey if there is any real hope that FAA reauthorization legislation will be passed before the next FAA funding […]

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Senate mark-up results…

I’m like a harried monkey, having just arrived home from a trip to DC, but I simply most let you know the following: The Senate commerce, science and transportation committee, which today marked up FAA reauthorization legislation, as hoped has opted not to include a ban on wireless voice communications in its bill. In other […]

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Proving it wants to move very fast…

…the Senate commerce, science and transportation committee has already scheduled a Tuesday mark-up for its version of FAA reauthorization legislation, which DOES NOT include the text of the Hang-Up Act. Will the Senate wrangle with the House over in-flight wireless voice calls? That would seem a petty thing to come to blows about, especially in […]

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Senators make a very good call

Let freedom and the telephone ring! The Senate HAS NOT included Hang-Up Act legislation in their base/foundation FAA reauthorization bill. Here’s the full bill: Senate Faa Reauth.pdf  And here is a summary: FAA Reauthorization 2009 Summary.doc The bill’s sponsors are the chair and ranking of the full commerce, science and transportation committee and the aviation […]

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In-flight voice calls in the USA – a voice is being heard!

What’s going on with the nefarious Hang-Up Act, which is intended to outlaw the in-flight use of mobile phones for voice communications in the USA, and which has been unceremoniously tucked into FAA reauthorization legislation? Inmarsat’s David Coiley is going to break it all down for attendees at the upcoming WAEA single focus connectivity workshop […]

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