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What would this mean for the paid in-flight Wi-Fi model?

The headline, “US considers some free wireless broadband service”, grabs ya, and then the obvious question ensues. What would this mean for the paid in-flight Wi-Fi service model in the United States? People get mighty used to having things for free. Hat tip to Reuters on this timely piece. A couple key pars: U.S. regulators […]

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In the parking lot with Row 44…

Row 44′s system works well, really well. That’s what a Southwest Airlines executive said yesterday at the WAEA single focus connectivity workshop in Everett, Washington. The same Southwest executive said some other things too, like the fact that the carrier has talked to Aircell about its Gogo broadband solution. But he cleared up one important […]

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Alaska, Southwest urge FCC to approve Row 44′s application (plus an oops!)

Good God almighty, it seems I mixed up my FCC filings the other day (I can’t imagine how that happened. That site is a walk in the park). But I digress. Here is the appropriate filing – you’ll see it has a rather similar thrust to the 2008 document. But much more importantly, here is the link […]

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Two consumer groups try to put brakes on “Hang-Up Act”

Two consumer advocacy groups have asked Congress to commission a study on the use of wireless communications devices on US commercial flights before outlawing the in-flight use of mobile phones for voice calls and other wireless telephony. A study? A little bit of homework before making a permanent, broad-brush federal ban on in-flight mobile phone […]

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Southwest: Row 44 is closing in on permanent authority

If you’ve been reading this blog, it comes as no surprise that Row 44 is closing in on permanent FCC authority. As reported here, the FCC recently granted Row 44 special temporary authority (STA) to operate up to twelve Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service aircraft earth stations for testing, including in-flight testing. Now Southwest has confirmed […]

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A word about off-axis power density…

The other day I wrote a blog about Qest’s new Ku-band antenna system, the KuStream 1000, which is being developed in tandem with Tecom (BTW, the pairing’s new web site is now live). In that blog, I said ViaSat – which has expressed concerns about Row 44′s antenna-pointing accuracy – will need to show the […]

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VIDEO: The Southwest Row 44 tests that began last month

Southwest Airlines yesterday formally launched commercial trials of Row 44′s in-flight connectivity system, which is a big deal, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. However, the carrier had already been putting the system through its paces for weeks (as readers of this blog are well aware). Now a Twitter buddy of mine has directed me to […]

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Does ViaSat still want to use AeroSat’s antenna for in-flight Internet? Why yes!

With all the tit-for-tat, spit-for-spat playing out in FCC filings between rival satellite-based connectivity providers ViaSat and Row 44, it’s easy to forget they share a common antenna partner – AeroSat. Yes, that’s the same company that stands to be hurt financially should the FCC continue to delay approval of Row 44′s system, as repeatedly requested by […]

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VIDEO: News, views and a hot shot of that iPod sexy stuff

Amended to include update… The news moves pretty fast around these parts. US Airways has confirmed to its employees that it is looking at LiveTV’s live television system, in addition to Lumexis’ fibre-to-the-screen system. Remember LiveTV also currently offers a basic connectivity solution. It’s something to think about if you watch my latest vlogging effort below. Also, […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (Jan 23)

I find myself swimming in a sea of in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) and interiors news this morning. And when that happens, there is only one solution – a news and rumour roundup! Let’s herd um in boys. Yeehaw! I’ll stop that now. HARD NEWS Cingular Wireless has submitted a patent application that is crying […]

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