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IMDC: Make in-flight connectivity suppliers accountable!

I just got off the phone with IMDC chief executive Wale Adepoju, who was kind enough to talk to me about what airlines need to consider when looking at bringing in-flight connectivity on board their aircraft. The entire interview with an eye-opener, so be sure to check out the January issue of Airline Business for […]

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VIDEO: How hot is in-flight mobile connectivity? Scorching!

I’ve been meaning to get this video blog out for weeks. It covers my trip to Vancouver for the Inmarsat aeronautical conference, which was highly informative and, well, loads of fun. But some very unfortunate events occurred to prevent the video from making a timely entrance, including but not limited to – a complete crash of […]

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Graphic: Where in-flight connectivity stands worldwide

IFE&C consultancy IMDC senior analyst Robert Smith gave an incredibly interesting speech at the Inmarsat conference in Vancouver last week. One slide in Smith’s presentation stood out from the rest – it is a chart showing all the current “live connectivity programs” out there right now. Aircell is looking rather phallic but clearly AeroMobile and […]

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Some gems from Vancouver

Lots of little gems came out of last week’s Inmarsat Aeronautical Conference in Vancouver. And some of them can be found on Flight Global’s new IFE&C web channel, including a piece about IMDC’s (somewhat dire) forecast for IFE expenditure this year; an update on Inmarsat’s aeronautical business and Thales’ revelation about TopConnect flight tests on […]

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Wale’s words of wisdom

Earlier this month I had a great little chat with IMDC chief executive Wale Adepoju about the in-flight connectivity landscape. He made a number of interesting points, suggesting, for example, that major international carriers need to look at offering both GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity. I don’t want to let the whole month slip by without […]

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Forecast: 2009 is “critical point” for in-flight connectivity

Last year was not without its ironies. Even as airlines saw their balance sheets reddened by soaring fuel prices, they made plans to bring in-flight connectivity solutions on board aircraft on a scale never before seen in the industry. A confluence of factors was at play. The 2006 demise of Connexion, Boeing’s popular, yet ultimately […]

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Portable IFE players to find sweet spot in 2009: analyst

Hello 2009! And welcome back RWG readers. Last week I did the unthinkable. I harassed two well-known IFE&C gurus during the holidays in order to secure comment for an industry forecast piece for Flight magazine. Thankfully, IMDC chief executive Wale Adepoju and consultant Michael Planey were willing to spare a few minutes for me. I’ll […]

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