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Oman Air CEO talks connected aircraft and cloud computing!

Peter Hill is known for being a straight shooter. So, when the Oman Air CEO agreed to answer some of my questions for an Airline Business feature about the in-flight connectivity boon, it didn’t surprise me that he came back with honest, forthright answers. It did make me feel very grateful, however. Peter, this is […]

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What a bit of plastic can do

A number of media outlets have already reported on this innovative laptop stand, which allows you to comfortably use your laptop on an aircraft seat-back tray table. But for those of you who haven’t yet seen the following video, it is worth a look, especially if you dread the thought of pulling out your laptop […]

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Aircell touts operational applications of in-flight Internet

Avionics Magazineyesterday hosted an online webinar with some of the top names in the in-flightentertainment and communications (IFEC) industry. I’m still digesting what cameout of the event, but I must say I found Aircell senior vice-president, airlinesolutions Fran Phillips’ slide about all the operational benefits ofin-flight connectivity to be MOST interesting.   No, Frandid not […]

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Virgin Atlantic mulls in-flight connectivity for 2011 deliveries

Virgin Atlantic queried travelers on whether or not they are interested in seeing in-flight connectivity on board its aircraft. Company head of product and service Chris Birch says the first opportunity that Virgin Atlantic will have “to do anything about this” is 2011, when new aircraft are delivered.According to Flightglobal, Virgin Atlantic has standing orders […]

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Does Aircell get an average six users per flight?

Aircell has never released usage stats for its Gogo in-flight Internet system. Yet, in a statement last week, Aircell CEO Ron LeMay came awfully close to giving away the goods. In so doing, he has lit a fire of speculation in the IFEC industry. Two IFEC insiders, located on opposite sides of the world and […]

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Is Ambit’s lawsuit against Aircell starting to bite?

Earlier this year, US technology firm Ambit Corp filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines and Aircell claiming patent infringement regarding the provision of Internet access onboard aircraft. I debated whether to report on this event and ultimately decided to write this erudite paragraph, ahem: Marsha, I mean Aircell, Aircell, Aircell. With all the news […]

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Hashtag WAEA, Hashtag IFEC

Nine years after attending my first World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Anaheim, California, I’m headed back to the West Coast for the organization’s 30th annual expo in Palm Springs. As I pack my bags for tomorrow’s flight, I am reminded that much has changed in the world of in-flight entertainment since […]

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Airline Wi-Fi revenue generation: It ain’t rocket science

In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC), In-flight Wi-Fi, In-flight Internet, Internet OnBoard…whatever you call it, however you use it, if you’re an airline you need to figure out how to generate revenue from it. So says The Travel Strategist Steven Frischling, who agreed to author a guest blog for RWG in advance of the World Airline Entertainment […]

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Southwest Airlines, Row 44 get clever about in-flight Wi-Fi

Row 44 is planning a big press event at next week’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition, and with good reason. The company is about to unveil a new ancillary-revenue tool that “enables airlines to monetize in-flight broadband even among passengers who do not pay for full Internet access” and will be “the first […]

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Would airlines come to Aircell’s rescue (if it needs it)?

I wonder if Aircell’s airline customers are tad peeved at the latest turn of events. The positive publicity they’ve enjoyed in the media – including on this blog – for bringing in-flight Internet to passengers is diminishing, as everybody and their brother questions the viability of the Gogo fee-for-service model, and as a growing number […]

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