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Virgin Atlantic eyes in-flight Internet

Aircell, which currently provides in-flight Internet to North American operators over an air-to-ground (ATG) link, is working closely with a major player in the Ku-band satellite sector on an overseas solution. Okay, regular RWG readers already know this. But did you know that a technical trial could occur “in the next year or so”, likely […]

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Is Qest ready to rumble?

If ViaSat’s relentless objections to Row 44′s antenna-pointing has done anything it has held antenna makers’ feet to the fire in terms of meeting performance criteria. That means that ViaSat will need to show FCC regulators that it can meet its own expectations, which are high, very high. But it also means that new entrants now […]

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No comment!

Good gracious, is it me or is the world of IFE&C continuing to hot up out there? I’m not talking about the OnAir eye candy below, cheeky monkey! Here are a few updates smouldering on the burner. Royal Jordanian Airlines has launched OnAir’s on-board mobile phone service on an Airbus A319, enabling passengers to make […]

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Podcast: Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi gets passengers’ thumbs up

Industry consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire Addison Schonland put Row 44′s Ku-band-based broadband service through its paces today on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 equipped with the system.   Addison says his Wi-Fi-enabled blackberry found the network signal very easily, but when he went through the browser to log on to the system, he ran into a bit of […]

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PHOTOS: Ryanair’s O’Leary does the mobile phone Can-Can

The celebration was fierce yesterday when spunky Irish operator Ryanair finally launched mobile phone connectivity following several delays. Dressed as a mobile phone, Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary joined OnAir’s head honcho Benoit Debain in a bit of a a Can-Can dance. And why the hell not? A total 20 Ryanair Boeing 737s have been equipped with the system and the […]

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VIDEO: CBS Early Show broadcast live via Gogo on Virgin America

Amended to include update… A portion of this morning’s CBS Early Show was broadcast live via Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet service from a Virgin America flight out of Boston. Yep, Branson was on the plane. We know the Gogo system can handle a live broadcast. Late last year, the first ever air-to-ground (ATG) video stream occurred on […]

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VIDEO: The Southwest Row 44 tests that began last month

Southwest Airlines yesterday formally launched commercial trials of Row 44′s in-flight connectivity system, which is a big deal, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. However, the carrier had already been putting the system through its paces for weeks (as readers of this blog are well aware). Now a Twitter buddy of mine has directed me to […]

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Does ViaSat still want to use AeroSat’s antenna for in-flight Internet? Why yes!

With all the tit-for-tat, spit-for-spat playing out in FCC filings between rival satellite-based connectivity providers ViaSat and Row 44, it’s easy to forget they share a common antenna partner – AeroSat. Yes, that’s the same company that stands to be hurt financially should the FCC continue to delay approval of Row 44′s system, as repeatedly requested by […]

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VIDEO: Do pilots want in-flight Internet?

That’s the question I posed to some private and commercial airline pilots, including an American Airlines 777 captain as well as US Airways crewmembers that frequent the popular US Aviation online forum. The response was decidedly mixed. See for yourself in my latest vlogging effort. As always, I welcome your comments and criticism (we’re starting to figure […]

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Row 44 tries to quell concerns as fight for FCC approval rages

It’s Friday night and I’m combing through filings to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). I assure you that this activity does not top the list of things I’d like to be doing right now. But the sense of urgency in Row 44 and antenna maker AeroSat’s latest pleas to the regulator is palatable and […]

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