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In-seat power is key to Virgin America’s big Gogo user rate

Virgin America loves Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet service. Loves it! The Airbus A320 family operator says Gogo has been very popular since it was launched late last year and usage rates have been higher than predicted AND steadily rising. But just how high are we talking about? “This past month, it was not uncommon for us to […]

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Southwest has started offering in-flight Internet to pax: source

Amended to include Southwest’s comment… I have it on good authority that Southwest Airlines’ crewmembers are encouraging folks to try out the Row 44 in-flight Internet system now installed on a Boeing 737. “They do have one plane up and running with it. Passengers can try it for free,” says a source with knowledge of the situation. As […]

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VIDEO: News, views and a hot shot of that iPod sexy stuff

Amended to include update… The news moves pretty fast around these parts. US Airways has confirmed to its employees that it is looking at LiveTV’s live television system, in addition to Lumexis’ fibre-to-the-screen system. Remember LiveTV also currently offers a basic connectivity solution. It’s something to think about if you watch my latest vlogging effort below. Also, […]

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Super hot contact reveals Aircell’s first-class sales pitch

It looks like Aircell knows where its bread is buttered. And it’s not in economy class (no matter how good we are with knives). I’ve received a report from the field that Aircell is targeting first-class passengers in its latest sales pitch for Gogo in-flight Internet. The reader, an aviation industry exec who shall remain […]

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UPDATED: Row 44 could launch on Southwest this week

Updated to include Southwest comment… I’m hearing some industry rumblings that Row 44 this week could launch its in-flight Internet solution on Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft. And those industry rumblings appear to be true! Sort of. A Southwest spokeswoman has just revealed to me that airline staffers are beginning their own testing of the […]

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Wale’s words of wisdom

Earlier this month I had a great little chat with IMDC chief executive Wale Adepoju about the in-flight connectivity landscape. He made a number of interesting points, suggesting, for example, that major international carriers need to look at offering both GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity. I don’t want to let the whole month slip by without […]

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VIDEO: Let’s get it started…

I sympathize with in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) players. More often than not, they make overly ambitious timelines for bringing a new system or service to market, and we journalists tend to give them heck for it. I sympathize because I’ve seen my own deadline to video blog or “vlog” slip way to the right. I’ve […]

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ViaSat to Row 44: Watch where you point that thing (and AeroSat’s revelation!)

Are you getting tired of all the “will they, won’t they, can they, should they” conversation about Row 44′s pending launch of in-flight Internet on Boeing 737s operated by Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines? That would be a shame because we’re just getting started. Okay, it’s clear that Row 44 is hell-bent to finally get […]

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United Airlines revealed as fifth Gogo customer; agrees ‘trial’

Amended to include United’s comment, non-comment, and a BBC report  As we anticipated here at RWG, United Airlines has been revealed as Aircell’s fifth customer for Gogo in-flight Internet. A brief story is running today in Aviation Daily, which reports that United will trial Gogo this spring. Other details have not been disclosed. Props to Aircell, which […]

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