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Just how rough is it going to get?

The news that Aircell has started reducing its staff has not come as a big surprise to many insiders and experts in the in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C)) industry. Indeed, back in July, when Aircell’s long-standing president and CEO Jack Blumenstein assumed chairmanship from Ron LeMay (pictured), who in turn took the role of president […]

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Aircell seeks $65m in BTOP funds for “unserved” airspace

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 appropriated $7.2 billion and directed the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce to expand broadband access to unserved and underserved communities across the USA to “increase jobs, spur investments in technology and infrastructure and provide long-term economic benefits”. The result is the RUS Broadband Inititiatves […]

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Aircell hits back at suggestion of bandwidth limitation

I awoke to fnd the following email in my inbox this morning. It’s from Aircell in response to yesterday’s blog “Are bandwidth limiations serious?” While I feel I provided balance by mentioning my own positive Gogo user experience - and highlighted Gadling’s positive review – I want to make clear that I do not take sides on […]

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Are bandwidth limitations serious?

Are we already seeing evidence of bandwidth limitations on today’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights? Some users say “yes”. Check out the following iTunes preview: http://inflightmusic.blogspot.com It was recorded in-flight using video screen capture software. Then go to the iTunes site on your home or office computer and listen to a free song preview yourself. You will see […]

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Pissing matches, Skype calls and aircraft anointing

I’ve returned from my holiday to find a mountain of stuff just begging for a blogging outlet. And when that happens, we need a News and Rumour roundup. So let’s get this party started. For those who have not been clicking onto Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel, let me urge you to start doing so. Last week […]

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VIDEO: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

When it doesn’t work:   And when it does (DJ Timbo?):  

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Healthy single-digit numbers of paying customers?!?

In-flight Wi-Fi is getting more and more attention in the press thanks in no small part to Aircell, which has not only captured the lion’s share of the US market but has also become a multi-media marketing machine (note to Aircell competitors – Aircell has set the social media networking bar for in-flight connectivity providers).Jaunted […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Delta’s FOCIS initiative revealed

Delta Air Lines has big plans for exploiting in-flight connectivity. Runway Girl can exclusively reveal that the carrier, which is equipping its entire domestic mainline fleet with Aircell’s Gogo air-to-ground (ATG)-based broadband system, wants to view each of its aircraft as a node on its network as part of a Future Operations Communications Information System […]

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Does Continental have big cojones?

Aircell’s in-flight broadband dominance in the United States was further underscored today with the announcement that US Airways – yes US Airways!!! – has committed to install Gogo on its 50-strong fleet of Airbus A321s beginning next year. It’s a surprising move in light of the fact that US Airways recently opted not to expand […]

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In-flight Internet puts NEXRAD at a pilot’s fingertips

Do pilots have any need for in-flight connectivity? It’s a question I‘ve asked before. But the answer, it seems, is quite simply, yes! Last night I received an email from a pilot, whose friend flew a Gogo-equipped Boeing 767-200 from LAX to MIA. The pilot was able to log on to the Internet, go to […]

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