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In the parking lot with Row 44…

Row 44′s system works well, really well. That’s what a Southwest Airlines executive said yesterday at the WAEA single focus connectivity workshop in Everett, Washington. The same Southwest executive said some other things too, like the fact that the carrier has talked to Aircell about its Gogo broadband solution. But he cleared up one important […]

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Lufthansa to announce broadband plan in Aug; eyes narrowbody connectivity

Lufthansa in mid- to late-August will make an announcement concerning its plan to reintroduce broadband connectivity on its overseas flights using the Connexion by Boeing (CBB) antennas still installed on those aircraft. Speaking today at the WAEA single focus workshop in Everett, Lufthansa head of cabin interior and IFE Peter Lewalter confirmed the German operator […]

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V2 Brute? Or is it not so brutal?

Standardization. Standardization. Standardization. We’ve been hearing more and more about standardization in the passenger communications sector. Call it the new mantra (Or semi-new. Okay, maybe it’s not new at all, but it might be poised to gain traction). Airbus told me last week is has been “listening to its customers’ long-standing concerns and is proactively […]

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Tim Farrar takes a stab at the math

Tim Farrar of TMF Associates took a gander at my recent blog about Connexion by Boeing’s numbers – and how one industry insider believes “voice can close the gap” – and the analyst figured he might as well chime in with a few thoughts of his own. Farrar takes a rather more pessimistic view of […]

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Gulf Air CEO talks iPhone and connectivity in final speech

Gulf Air today announced that CEO Bjorn Naf is to step down and be replaced by current Royal Jordanian Airlines chief Samer Majali. But yesterday, while Naf was still head of the Middle Eastern carrier, he gave a speech at the Aviation club in London. In what could be the Swiss exec’s last public appearance as Gulf’s […]

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ViaSat’s Bill Sullivan on Lufthansa’s shift

I had a good chat with ViaSat strategy director Bill Sullivan yesterday evening. We talked about the company’s strategy to bring Ku-band and Ka-band connectivity to airlines, either directly or through partnerships. Be sure to keep an eye on Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel for an article about that later today. But I also talked […]

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Doing the math on Connexion

During its short life Connexion by Boeing proved to be a great technological success. Airlines – and passengers – loved the Ku-band satellite-based service. And it still holds a sort of revered place in the world of IFE&C. Indeed some people – though certainly not all - still believe there is no other product that did, […]

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Q&A with Aircell on United, monthly passes and Canada

Aircell was kind enough to answer some pressing questions for me today. Here is a quick Q&A for your pleasure and my leisure. And then check out the awesome story now running on Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel – Virgin America reveals Gogo usage stats. It also details its plan for integrating Gogo with its […]

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Are a bunch of military contractors onto something?

What would the world be like if airlines could offer a 1 Gb/s connection to passengers? And just how much of a data rate does this RWG need? Hey, I’ve been taking a lot of video lately! But I digress. Just because we’re civilly oriented on this blog, doesn’t mean we can’t stay tuned to other industries. To […]

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One minute of your time…

Fair readers, You may have seen an IAG survey about in-flight connectivity running on the right side of Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel. The survey is not just there for decoration. I intend to write about the results but a larger response is required for this to be worthwhile. The survey takes about one minute to fill out (maybe […]

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