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In-flight Wi-Fi and our insatiable appetite for bandwidth

Here in the United States, passengers are growing increasingly accustomed to having in-flight Wi-Fi at their disposal. Much of the credit for equipping the US fleet goes to Gogo, which in 2006 bought an exclusive 3MHz broadband license for air-to-ground (ATG) services; made the service cheap and cheerful for airlines (even financing installs); and, let’s […]

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Free beer in flight (but only if you’re a criminal)

Those beers you order in flight? They are not charged in real time to your credit card. Nor are the sandwiches or the snack packs or the movies or the duty free you order from the flight attendants’ trolley or via the in-flight entertainment system. Those transactions occur when the aircraft reaches the gate. After […]

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#EBACE11: Comlux will take your questions aboard the A320 Prestige

Comlux America has delivered its first VVIP cabin of an Airbus A320 Prestige, and is showing off the final product at #EBACE11. I first saw this Prestige last year when I covered the grand opening of Comlux America’s completion center in Indianapolis. Tomorrow, I’ll get the chance to fly on the Prestige over the Swiss […]

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Aircell reveals Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi equipage numbers

To use its own phraseology, Aircell is able to push out Gogo-equipped aircraft “like boxes of popcorn”. By the end of the year, the Chicago-headquartered firm will have retrofitted 1,067 aircraft with the in-flight Internet system, an increase of 372 aircraft over year-end 2009. Below, you’ll find the latest number of aircraft fitted with Gogo […]

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VIDEO: Lufthansa re-launches in-flight Internet!!

…..and I just used the service – called FlyNet – to upload this video in-flight!! Sweeeeeeet!

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If you haven’t been here before, welcome!

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Wi-Fi onboard – NOT FREE

Just as Aircell warned, the company has no intention of permanently offering its in-flight Wi-Fi service Gogo for free to airline passengers except for promotional purposes or when companies sponsor it at various times of the year (as we saw over the Christmas holidays, for example.)The message that Wi-Fi is not free is also starting […]

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In-flight Wi-Fi will be free in two years: IFEC expert

Whether charging you for beverages or bilking you on baggage, US ‘legacy’ carriers have sold their souls to the ‘unbundle everything’ business model. The result, according to in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) expert Michael Planey, is that passengers truly resent any additional fees. In short, they are reaching a point of “fee fatigue”, which is […]

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Does Aircell get an average six users per flight?

Aircell has never released usage stats for its Gogo in-flight Internet system. Yet, in a statement last week, Aircell CEO Ron LeMay came awfully close to giving away the goods. In so doing, he has lit a fire of speculation in the IFEC industry. Two IFEC insiders, located on opposite sides of the world and […]

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Free in-flight Wi-Fi will see airport/airline battle lines drawn

We know that Wi-Fi, both on the ground and in the air, is trending towards the land of the free. But throw that into the context of JiWire’s new report, which says 80% of business travellers spend over 30min online in airports, and you’ve got an interesting battle brewing. How will the airport hotspot make […]

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