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US Airways reverses beverage charges!!!

Hell hath not frozen over folks. US Airways is indeed resuming a free beverage service on its domestic flights. I wonder how many negative news articles, passenger complaints and cries of thirst management had to hear about before deciding to cease charging passengers for the bare necessities of life, like water. But whatever the catalyst, US Airways […]

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Open channels: Will 2008 be the year for in-flight mobile phones and broadband?

This gal seems to think so. Check out my connectivity feature now running in Airline Business magazine. The gist is that 2008 looks to be the year when airlines finally begin to roll out in-flight mobile phone, blackberry, SMS and high speed Internet services. It might remind us why Connexion was oh so cool after […]

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Runway Girl and IAG’s Addison Schonland Talk Connectivity

It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that I’m champing at the bit to use my laptop in-flight.Today I recorded a podcast about in-flight connectivity with IAG’s Addison Schonland (seen to the right) and, well, could barely contain my enthusiasm for the subject. Check it out at:http://iagblog.podomatic.com/entry/eg/2007-12-19T11_35_18-08_0019T11_35_18-08_00So where do you stand on in-flight communications? […]

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JetBlue Airways and LiveTV Agree to Talk Connectivity

JetBlue and subsidiary LiveTV have agreed to talk about the carrier’s WiFi connectivity services (dubbed BetaBlue) in advance of a December 11 statement. Thanks guys. Here are notes from my conversations this morning. LiveTV vice-president of sales and marketing Mike Moeller says:1) “When we stated this process, we sat back and … David Neeleman, our […]

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