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Wi-Fi onboard – NOT FREE

Just as Aircell warned, the company has no intention of permanently offering its in-flight Wi-Fi service Gogo for free to airline passengers except for promotional purposes or when companies sponsor it at various times of the year (as we saw over the Christmas holidays, for example.)The message that Wi-Fi is not free is also starting […]

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Does Aircell get an average six users per flight?

Aircell has never released usage stats for its Gogo in-flight Internet system. Yet, in a statement last week, Aircell CEO Ron LeMay came awfully close to giving away the goods. In so doing, he has lit a fire of speculation in the IFEC industry. Two IFEC insiders, located on opposite sides of the world and […]

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Former WAEA exec director talks about Wi-Fi survey results

Remember that in-flight Wi-Fi survey that I’ve been bugging you to take? Well the results are in, and they are very interesting. Read the entire update here: IAG Wi-Fi report.doc Innovation Analysis Group (IAG), which undertook the survey, states that while the data has changed only marginally over the last three years, there has been strong movement […]

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Are bandwidth limitations serious?

Are we already seeing evidence of bandwidth limitations on today’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights? Some users say “yes”. Check out the following iTunes preview: http://inflightmusic.blogspot.com It was recorded in-flight using video screen capture software. Then go to the iTunes site on your home or office computer and listen to a free song preview yourself. You will see […]

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Pissing matches, Skype calls and aircraft anointing

I’ve returned from my holiday to find a mountain of stuff just begging for a blogging outlet. And when that happens, we need a News and Rumour roundup. So let’s get this party started. For those who have not been clicking onto Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel, let me urge you to start doing so. Last week […]

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VIDEO: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

When it doesn’t work:   And when it does (DJ Timbo?):  

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Healthy single-digit numbers of paying customers?!?

In-flight Wi-Fi is getting more and more attention in the press thanks in no small part to Aircell, which has not only captured the lion’s share of the US market but has also become a multi-media marketing machine (note to Aircell competitors – Aircell has set the social media networking bar for in-flight connectivity providers).Jaunted […]

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BA rocks it with Thales pick…plus the TopSeries widebody list

British Airways (BA) yesterday revealed a mammoth deal with Thales to outfit its Airbus A380s, Boeing 787s and new Boeing 777-300ERs with the firm’s TopSeries in-flight entertainment (FE) system. BA has traditionally flown Rockwell Collins IFE on its long-haul fleet, even upgrading from Rockwell’s TES to digital dTES on its Boeing 747s, 767s and 777s. […]

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