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VIDEO: Inmarsat teams with Boeing in Ka-band connectivity venture

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VIDEO: Thales IFE chief touts Ka-band in-flight connectivity

Thales uses Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband aeronautical service to bring connectivity to its latest generation in-flight entertainment system and to offer mobile and Wi-Fi solutions to carriers. But as the need for higher-bandwidth functionality grows (yes, we like our video streaming), Thales is prepared to evolve with the times, and is confident that Ka-band satellite-based in-flight connectivity […]

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You want fast? We’ll give you fast!

Inmarsat is reportedly on the cusp of laying down a $1 billion investment with Boeing for four satellites that would operate in the Ka-band spectrum, in a move that would give the London-based firm the ability to support ultra-high-speed Internet on board aircraft.Inmarsat, whose L-band satellites currently support aeronautical and maritime connectivity services (as well […]

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Plenty of meat, but no sausage (IFEC/interiors update)

It has been a busy few weeks for this RWG with back-to-back-to-back trips on both sides of the pond. Along the way, I’ve picked up various bits of IFEC/aircraft interiors news that I’d like to share with you. (This meal is probably best served with German beer, but please no more sausage for the love […]

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UPDATE: Banging on Boeing’s door for connected aircraft

UPDATE 2: I just saw OnAir chief Benoit Debains at the Row 44 booth – are these two talking? hmmmm – and suffice it to say that Benoit is ready to do another jig, since OnAir says its solution will be line-fit offerable on the 787 (see blog post below). During a recent unveiling of […]

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Taking on scrappy: Inmarsat launches SB200

It is no secret that Inmarsat would like to see manufacturers come down on pricing on the hardware that supports its SwiftBroadband aeronautical service.Indeed, a Cobham executive recently divulged that Inmarsat’s equipment cost target for end users of its new SwiftBroadband 200 (SB200) service for small aircraft is $25,000. And, he said, “We’re seriously looking […]

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The cost of bizjet connectivity, according to Aircell

Have you read Aircell’s ‘Executive Guide to Airborne Communications‘? If not, you should. The brochure provides all sorts of information about the bizjet in-flight connectivity market, including the above figures on the cost of equipage and monthly service fees.Aircell also says its air-to-ground (ATG)-based solution for the US mainland (and eventually Canada) is installed “in […]

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Dassault Falcon claims managed VoIP first with 7X delivery

Dassault Falcon is claiming the distinction of having delivered the first business jet, a Falcon 7X, capable of providing fully-managed end-to-end VoIP telephony services over the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) network. The aircraft was delivered to a European client, but Dassault Falcon notes that the system is available on all current production aircraft as an option. […]

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VIDEO: A mobile satellite company in action

We email like it’s going out of style, and yet many of us don’t appreciate what it takes to make our emailing happen in-flight. It’s a big freaking deal. But new generation connectivity is not just happening in the cabin. It’s happening in the cockpit too. And on ships. And in the hands of in-the-field […]

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PICTURES: You’ve got mail via Thales IFE

Look at this lovely little email I received from Thales’ Nick Silvester via the firm’s new connected IFE app, which was demonstrated to me and other journalists last week at the Thales Connectivity Suite in Crawley, UK. The email arrived in my Yahoo account very quickly after being sent by Nick. Very swiftly even.Okay, now […]

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