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House committee backs off federal ban of in-flight cell use

The tides may be turning for in-flight mobile connectivity in the United States. Long-term FAA reauthorization legislation introduced by the US House transportation committee on Friday omits a provision that would have imposed a federal ban on the in-flight use of mobile phones and VoIP. The provision, known in standalone form as the Hang-Up Act […]

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Let’s talk about the value of in-flight voice…on camera

I am a vocal opponent of Hang-Up legislation that would impose a permanent federal ban on the in-flight use of mobile phones. Why? Because I do not think it is the role of government to make such a decision. It is akin to “legislating manners” as Inmarsat’s David Coiley says. I believe in an airline’s […]

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ICE, ICE Barbie on Emirates and getting ready for #DXB09

I arrived in Dubai a few hours ago, after taking a thoroughly enjoyable flight on Emirates’ 777-200LR out of JFK. I’ve been writing about the carrier’s stellar in-flight entertainment system ICE (information, communication, entertainment) for years, but this was the first time I’ve actually had a chance to  try it (in business class, praise the […]

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Hot topic, cool head

Carl Biersack, executive director of the Inflight PassengerCommunications Coalition (which includes stakeholders AeroMobile and OnAir), has written an opinion piece about the USA’s farcical ban on the in-flight use of cell phones (you know, those things we can’t live without, even on a night out on the town). The whole piece, which is now running […]

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In-flight voice calls in the USA – a voice is being heard!

What’s going on with the nefarious Hang-Up Act, which is intended to outlaw the in-flight use of mobile phones for voice communications in the USA, and which has been unceremoniously tucked into FAA reauthorization legislation? Inmarsat’s David Coiley is going to break it all down for attendees at the upcoming WAEA single focus connectivity workshop […]

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Come on Aircell – Help squash the Hang-Up Act

Amended to include Aircell’s comment Why hasn’t Aircell joined the Inflight Passenger Communications Coalition’s campaign to stop the Hang-Up Act from being enacted into law (as part of FAA reauthorization legislation)? Aircell (and Row 44 for that matter) is aware that in-flight use of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) will be banned in the United […]

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More outcry over proposed US ban on in-flight cell phone use

An issue that is near and dear to my heart – in-flight mobile cell phone usage – is back in the fray now that major trade groups have joined the growing chorus of objections to a House FAA reauthorization bill amendment that would formally ban wireless devices for voice communications when an aircraft is airborne […]

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