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After AF447, is the answer to black box conundrum blue?

Imagine you’re the crew on an oceanic crossing. One engine starts to go into excessive vibration, which is detected by the sensors on the engine and by an automated flight information reporting system (AFIRS) on board the aircraft. The “blue” AFIRS box instantly launches a report to the ground to coordinate all the people that […]

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AirAsia Captain explains benefits of real-time EFB

A little bit of bandwidth can go a long way in the cockpit, it seems. AirAsia is fitting each of its Airbus A320s with Flight Focus’ Class III electronic flight bag (EFB), which uses an Iridium satellite pipe to bring real-time applications and messaging to pilots (versus, say, the Ku pipe that Lufthansa will use […]

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UPDATE: JetBlue unit “pumped” and taking orders for connectivity system

UPDATED to include following personal musing and express a tad bit of shock: One has to wonder if JetBlue ever thinks about how its connectivity statements might impact the business of its wholly owned subsidiary LiveTV, which the carrier would one day like to spin off. In a conversation with my colleague Lori Ranson, JetBlue […]

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Taking on scrappy: Inmarsat launches SB200

It is no secret that Inmarsat would like to see manufacturers come down on pricing on the hardware that supports its SwiftBroadband aeronautical service.Indeed, a Cobham executive recently divulged that Inmarsat’s equipment cost target for end users of its new SwiftBroadband 200 (SB200) service for small aircraft is $25,000. And, he said, “We’re seriously looking […]

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Rumour, news and stuff (March 15)

I’m heading to Washington DC today to attend the Satellite 2010 expo, and to moderate a panel on in-flight voice and data connectivity tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to the session as we’ve got a great line-up of speakers.However, before I put the pedal to the metal and high-tail it out of Lancaster, PA, I […]

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Continental Airlines pilots gets their voice back

What’s the one thing that Continental Airlines pilots would absolutely love to have on board their aircraft? Airborne telephony service, the likes of which was previously offered by now-defunct Verizon Airfone! That’s the revelation that Continental engineering project manager Brian Roland made at the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm […]

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Get your kit on!

JetBlue Airways subsidiary LiveTV’s new Kiteline World solution was heralded by at least one senior level industry executive as among the three most exciting bright new things to come out of the recent World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm Springs, California. The other two, said our senior executive, were Panasonic’s Fusion […]

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Free in-flight email anywhere in the world

What a funky antenna! Guess what? It’s going to help airlines offer basic in-flight email for free to passengers anywhere in the world. Say what, RWG? Well, JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV has combined its US-centric air-to-ground (ATG)-based Kiteline email service with the Iridium Openport satellite communications service – and that wild antenna – to create Kiteline […]

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