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Photos: The BBBs of in-flight TV

What is the biggest, baddest, best live satellite television system flying in the skies today? The answer, my friend, is JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV’s LTV3 platform, which is being installed across Continental Airlines’ Boeing domestic fleet. I scooted on down to LiveTV’s Melbourne, Florida-based facility last week to finally get some footage of LTV3, a bigger, better, […]

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The man with the notebook is LiveTV CEO Nate Quigley

JetBlue Airways subsidiary LiveTV knows it is ”the voice in the wilderness” on passenger-pay models for in-flight broadband right now. While the company is well aware there is “a lot of interest” in in-flight connectivity, it believes not many people are really digging around to find out what is really happening and why. Digging around for […]

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Road warrior to JetBlue: Stop teasing us with “lame” Wi-Fi

It was bound to happen – a road warrior and blogger tries out JetBlue’s free but limited in-flight email and messaging service, writes about its limitations, and then tells the carrier plainly to offer a proper Wi-Fi service. In a “memo to JetBlue”, The VAR Guy says: “Um, there’s only one thing worse than no […]

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JetBlue to offer Oasis to passengers

My colleague Megan Kuhn, proprietor of the Terminal Q blog, has just written an interesting story for Air Transport Intelligence that I want to share with you. She writes that JetBlue intends to offer subsidiary LiveTV’s “broadband-like” in-flight connectivity offering, Oasis, to passengers. We’ve talked about Oasis’ cached content before. But it’s nice to see […]

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LiveTV now sees Ka-band as the connectivity playground

LiveTV remains on the fence about whether Ku-band-based in-flight connectivity is going to take hold. Indeed, the JetBlue Airways subsidiary is now looking at Ka-band and believes that “this network will finally deliver the cost and speed that is sustainable for a broadband service in the future”, reveals LiveTV VP of marketing and sales Mike […]

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Continental to launch 80-channel live TV system this month

So said Continental Airlines chief operating officer Jeff Smisek at the JP Morgan conference today. I’ve written about Continental’s plan in the past, so check out the following link for more info. Yes, the carrier is slightly delayed in bringing this to market. It hoped to have the system running last month. But what’s a month […]

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No comment!

Good gracious, is it me or is the world of IFE&C continuing to hot up out there? I’m not talking about the OnAir eye candy below, cheeky monkey! Here are a few updates smouldering on the burner. Royal Jordanian Airlines has launched OnAir’s on-board mobile phone service on an Airbus A319, enabling passengers to make […]

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Top five most important IFE&C moments of 2008 and some juice

1) Oneworld alliance member American Airlines launches Aircell’s broadband service, Gogo. A high-profile carrier that previously showed interest in now-defunct Connexion by Boeing, American’s launch of Aircell’s air-to-ground (ATG) solution on 15 transcontinental Boeing 767-200s forced other legacies to think hard about whether they could afford to wait for another satellite offering to come to market […]

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JetBlue unit LiveTV writes FCC about Row 44 concerns

There’s no earthly way of knowing Which direction we are goingThere’s no knowing where we’re rowingOr which way the river’s flowing Is it raining?Is it snowing?Is a hurricane a blowing?   Why yes it is, Willy. Yes it is. LiveTV is urging the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require Row 44 to clearly demonstrate […]

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Twelve years later Continental is back on the Money

Continental Airlines’ recent announcement that it intends to offer live television to every passenger on much of its domestic fleet may have given some airline and IFE industry veterans a serious case of déjà vu. That’s because the carrier’s plan was revealed well over 12 years ago! It was 18 September 1996 when USA Today’s […]

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