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More connectivity clarity…this time from Aircell

How do different in-flight connectivity systems stack up against each other? Aircell, the business aviation communications unit of commercial provider Gogo, has provided the #bizav industry with a new handy dandy report. Please note that the peak speeds listed are just that – the peaks! All in-flight connectivity service providers are seeing speed valleys, including […]

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#PAS11: Inmarsat sees Global Xpress on airlines in 2014

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AirAsia Captain explains benefits of real-time EFB

A little bit of bandwidth can go a long way in the cockpit, it seems. AirAsia is fitting each of its Airbus A320s with Flight Focus’ Class III electronic flight bag (EFB), which uses an Iridium satellite pipe to bring real-time applications and messaging to pilots (versus, say, the Ku pipe that Lufthansa will use […]

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You want fast? We’ll give you fast!

Inmarsat is reportedly on the cusp of laying down a $1 billion investment with Boeing for four satellites that would operate in the Ka-band spectrum, in a move that would give the London-based firm the ability to support ultra-high-speed Internet on board aircraft.Inmarsat, whose L-band satellites currently support aeronautical and maritime connectivity services (as well […]

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Confused about in-flight connectivity?

In-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) experts are well aware of all the connectivity options on the market and all the services that air-to-ground (ATG), L-band, Ku-band and Ka-band satellite-based solutions are capable of supporting. But what about everybody else? There is a lot of confusion out there. Helping to clarify the situation are connectivity stakeholders […]

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Oman Air CEO talks connected aircraft and cloud computing!

Peter Hill is known for being a straight shooter. So, when the Oman Air CEO agreed to answer some of my questions for an Airline Business feature about the in-flight connectivity boon, it didn’t surprise me that he came back with honest, forthright answers. It did make me feel very grateful, however. Peter, this is […]

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SBB versus Ku…the war that wasn’t?

Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband (SBB) aeronautical service is going to become standard on all new Airbus long-range aircraft and there is reason to believe that Boeing may follow Airbus’ lead and make SBB standard on its 787 twinjet (paving the way for SBB to find a place on other Boeing widebodies, including the 747-8).So why is there […]

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V2 Brute? Or is it not so brutal?

Standardization. Standardization. Standardization. We’ve been hearing more and more about standardization in the passenger communications sector. Call it the new mantra (Or semi-new. Okay, maybe it’s not new at all, but it might be poised to gain traction). Airbus told me last week is has been “listening to its customers’ long-standing concerns and is proactively […]

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VIDEO: How hot is in-flight mobile connectivity? Scorching!

I’ve been meaning to get this video blog out for weeks. It covers my trip to Vancouver for the Inmarsat aeronautical conference, which was highly informative and, well, loads of fun. But some very unfortunate events occurred to prevent the video from making a timely entrance, including but not limited to – a complete crash of […]

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ViaSat’s blended ATG/L-band/Ku/Ka plan revealed

Well I guess these slides from ViaSat’s presentation at the WAEA meeting in Kuala Lumpur say it all.

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