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PICTURE: The trail of tears and more fun stuff from LiveTV

May they rest in peace – the connectivity folks who came on the scene and lost loads of money, only to see their plans die. Our confident friends over at LiveTV have compiled a little picture of all the headstones. Oh and look, two current-day providers are also shown heading down the same road to perdition. I’ve […]

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LiveTV looks to offer an Oasis to broadband-thirsty airlines

I spent most of yesterday touring LiveTV’s hangar at Orlando International Airport and its headquarters in nearby Melbourne, Florida. In Melbourne, I got a chance to experience LiveTV’s latest-generation live television system, LTV3, which we’ll chat about later in more detail here (suffice it to say, the system is pretty damn awesome). But I also […]

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More Embraer 190s headed to Brazilian start-up Azul

Maybe this is geek squad stuff, but Brazilian start-up Azul is certainly warming to the idea of operating a sizeable fleet of Embraer 190s. Earlier this year, the brainchild of JetBlue founder David Neeleman ordered 36 118-seat Embraer E-195s (which will feature LiveTV satellite television). Embraer has since revealed that the 36-strong order was altered […]

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Oh bugger, if I only had some laptop space

Last week LiveTV had some friendly fun at the expense of in-flight broadband providers. Executives distributed small Praying Mantis figurines as swag at the WAEA show. But what was the message? “That’s what broadband is like at the back of the plane,” quipped LiveTV vice president of sales and marketing Mike Moeller. Check out the […]

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LiveTV: Eagle is out of the canary cage

Not so very long ago, a then nubile Runway Girl blog noted that the adoption by US carriers of in-seat live satellite television – together with connectivity services – was a growing trend. Despite serious industry challenges of late, some airlines are keen to keep this trend alive. And LiveTV appears well-placed to capture a nice […]

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Titillating talk with LiveTV

In recent days a number of readers have asked me why I haven’t blogged about LiveTV’s acquisition of the Verizon Airfone network. Isn’t this a big deal, they ask. Don’t you get the teddy bear warm and fuzzies when you write about this stuff? Well yes and no, and yes, respectively.   The transaction, which calls for LiveTV […]

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