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Big badass antenna for Southwest Airlines’ fleet

Equipage of Southwest Airlines’ fleet with Row 44′s Ku-band satellite-based in-flight connectivity solution might not be happening as quickly as this Southwest frequent flyer would like (only one Boeing 737 is operating with the service), but it is happening, and this is the antenna that is playing a crucial role in that roll-out. Co-developed by […]

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Continental deal is on “pause”, but still in play

As reported on the Flightglobal IFEC channel and the Wandering Aramean blog, Continental Airlines has opted to postpone its trial of Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet system on 21 Boeing 757-300s, as it thrashes out strategy with merger partner United Airlines.  So is the deal dead, RWG? Not quite. Aircell tells me that its agreement with […]

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If you can’t beat the Internet, offer it!

Oh sure, there were signs that Alaska Airlines was engaged in some serious thought about its in-flight connectivity strategy. During a recent investors call, the carrier said it had completed its test of Row 44′s Ku-band solution on revenue flights and was now deciding between Row 44 and Aircell’s Gogo air-to-ground (ATG)-based offering. “We’ll definitely […]

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AP Avionx and others are ready…at least

If and when Southwest Airlines reaches agreement on financing installation of Row 44′s Ku-band connectivity system on its fleet of Boeing 737s, an important Row 44 supplier, AP Avionx, will be standing at the ready. California-based AP Avionx is supplying the modem data unit (MDU) and server management unit (SMU) for Row 44. “When you’re a […]

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Exclusive Pics: Design Q seeks to transform luxury travel

Design Q wants to transform luxury travel, and it just might do that with its new futuristic modular heliport design. Read the entire story at the following link. But check out Design Q’s other blueprints, exclusive to Flight (below). You’ll see that while Design Q is happy to serve the low-cost market with solutions like […]

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Anatomy of an idea (how MAXCABIN was born)

Design Q’s MAXCABIN sideways seating concept for short-haul travel continues to amuse and bemuse. Design Q has revealed that MAXCABIN evolved from a project conducted by Design Q for a primary school classroom. Want to see how it all got started? Check out the anatomy of Design Q’s idea (below). It makes for a more […]

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It’s called MAXCABIN

The seemingly crazy ‘sideways seating’ idea tabled by Design Q – and reported by yours truly first (yes, even before FOX and countless other news entities) - is moving quickly forward with possible tests taking place in December. Oh yes, and it has a name - MAXCABIN. I’ll bet the Asian carriers and Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary will be all […]

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A tweet-up of JetBlue, Southwest and Alaska

Industry wiz Addison Schonland’s latest podcast – about how airlines are using social networking site Twitter to build their brands – is a must listen. http://iagblog.podOmatic.com/entry/2009-03-31T10_31_19-07_00 After you link up to JetBlue, Southwest and Alaska Airlines on Twitter, let me suggest that you link up to Runway Girl’s regular tweets. As you can see to […]

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Body Count: JetBlue and Southwest Eye Aircraft Offload (Plus Titbits on that AWAS A320 Deal)

It’s lucky for JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines that the market for Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies remains strong (at least for now). Both US low-cost carriers are readying to offload excess assets to keep capacity growth in check. JetBlue has confirmed it will only increase capacity this year by between 6% and 9% compared to […]

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