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Legs in the air

This John McPherson cartoon, running in the local Lancaster newspaper, put a smile on my face this morning. It gives new meaning to the idea of having one’s ‘legs in the air’, ahem. Don’t be getting any ideas O’Leary, ya monkey.

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Stand by your seats: interiors expert tackles timely topic

Standing-seat concepts are in the fray, following Spring Airlines’ confirmation it has spoken to Airbus about adding standing-seats on its Airbus A320s, and Ryanair’s query of passengers on the subject (they are keen to oblige if their ticket is free). But are standing-seats a realistic option? I asked aircraft interiors expert Jennifer Coutts Clay of […]

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You’re all standing on Ryanair

Dublin’s 98 radio station had some grand fun with Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary’s recent revelation that the carrier is looking into standing-only configurations, the likes of which we discussed here. Were O’Leary’s comments a mere publicity stunt for the carrier? Does anyone care? Call me when O’Leary starts charging for air. Regardless, after a week of heavy, heavy […]

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VIDEO: Ryanair chief on lack of mobile phone complaints

All that nonsense you’ve heard about in-flight mobile phone usage turning into a big old nuisance has NOT come to pass. Key quote from Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary: “We’ve thus far had no complaints of any passengers who are annoyed by their cathedral-like sanctity of a Ryanair flight being besmirched by somebody on a mobile […]

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PHOTOS: Ryanair’s O’Leary does the mobile phone Can-Can

The celebration was fierce yesterday when spunky Irish operator Ryanair finally launched mobile phone connectivity following several delays. Dressed as a mobile phone, Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary joined OnAir’s head honcho Benoit Debain in a bit of a a Can-Can dance. And why the hell not? A total 20 Ryanair Boeing 737s have been equipped with the system and the […]

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