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US ban on in-flight cell phone use ain’t going anywhere

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not revisited the ban on in-flight cell phone usage in the USA since it terminated its own proceeding on the matter in the spring of 2007. And even though the likes of British Airways (BA) is planning to offer mobile connectivity on its new London City-New York JFK […]

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Why a Runway Girl is planting her pale bum in the seat

You may notice a few changes on this blog in the coming weeks. I’ve decided to place all of my blogging energies into exploring the latest and greatest innovations in in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C) and cabin interiors; as well as new programmes and applications for tech-savvy, gizmo-laden travellers. By the very nature of our tricked-out world, […]

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British Airways trumps again with 11-language mobile check-in

Buried deep in the bowels of my recent Airline Business feature about how airlines can harness off-board and onboard mobile phone connectivity, British Airways planning and innovations manager Chris Carmichael is quoted as saying that the following scenario would be beneficial to passengers: “Your meeting is overrunning, you whip out your Blackberry under your desk, […]

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Fear and loathing of in-flight chatty Kathy unfounded

Predictions that in-flight mobile phone usage would at best prove a nuisance and at worst provoke an onslaught of air rage episodes haven’t materialized. According to Airbus/SITA partnership OnAir, there are three main reasons why this is so – the OnAir system currently allows up to six simultaneous calls, which is not a high proportion […]

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Open channels: Will 2008 be the year for in-flight mobile phones and broadband?

This gal seems to think so. Check out my connectivity feature now running in Airline Business magazine. The gist is that 2008 looks to be the year when airlines finally begin to roll out in-flight mobile phone, blackberry, SMS and high speed Internet services. It might remind us why Connexion was oh so cool after […]

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