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Oberstar as ramp agent and other Boydisms from Aspen

Michael Boyd is well known for making colourful – sometimes hilarious – comments about the aviation industry. I’m here in Aspen covering Boyd’s annual aviation forecast conference and let me tell you, Boyd has not disappointed. Here are some of Boyd’s best observations, quips and jabs from today’s show (in a handy Q&A format). Would […]

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British Airways and the iPhone experience

We’ve talked a lot about how cell phones and blackberries are changing the travel experience in-flight. But there is plenty of action happening on the ground too. And rightly so. Nowadays, it’s pretty important to have up-to-the-minute flight information at your fingertips. This way, you’ll know when your aircraft is scheduled to (eventually) take off, […]

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Bombardier CSeries order talk

When Bombardier launched the geared turbofan-powered CSeries at Farnborough with a letter of interest from Lufthansa for 60 aircraft, the industry raised a collective eyebrow. Hadn’t the manufacturer said it needed 50 to 100 firm orders to kick start the programme? And when Lufthansa followed up the announcement by saying that it will not be […]

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Is the airline business still sexy? Delta thinks so!

I have one question for Delta executive VP of network planning and revenue management Glen Hauenstein. What’s your definition of sexy? In a new promotional video about Delta’s 2008 “flight plan”, Hauenstein says: “We are all addicts in the airline business because it is sexy and it is fast-moving and it does change a lot […]

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Northwest Airlines uses pull in billboard sign fiasco

Signs, signs, everywhere is signs. And yet some are more objectionable than others. At least that’s the argument that Northwest Airlines is making after it asked Clear Channel Communications to remove a Union of Concerned Scientists’ (UCS) anti-nuclear-weapons billboard in the Minneapolis airport. “We received several complaints from customers and employees on the content of […]

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US Airways scales back A330 plan: Sign of things to come?

Narrowbody deferrals have become a frequent occurrence around these parts, as US airlines struggle to survive the onslaught of sky-high fuel prices and a weakening economy. Thus far, however, widebody delivery schedules – and orders – remain largely untouched as international growth continues to help offset the domestic downturn. But there may be trouble ahead. […]

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That’s one hell of a bird

The Northwest jet that looks like it got punched in the nose by the Hulk, and NBC’s take on the matter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSmkJ67zXgg    

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Top heavy at Northwest and bottom heavy at American?

What a week it has been for the US air transport industry, eh? Mesa Air Group appears to have narrowly avoided Chapter 11 after prevailing in a court case against Delta Air Lines. US Airways and United Airlines have decided that a merger doesn’t make sense under current economic conditions (note to Delta and Northwest). […]

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Northwest cleans house in PR department

Northwest Airlines has been a busy bee of late. Sure, there is that little merger deal it thrashed out with Delta Air Lines. But the SkyTeam member has also been quietly replacing its entire public relations team.   Fellow journalists, especially those on newswire-tight deadlines, may share my frustration at how Northwest press contacts seemingly […]

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Back to Blogging after Belfast: Musings, Mumblings but no Grumblings

Last week I had the great privilege to spend some time in my favourite country, Ireland. I flew on a Continental Airlines Boeing 757 from Newark to Belfast to attend Bombardier’s pre-Farnborough briefing, and then took the train down to Dublin for a day of expensive fun (such a shame that the dollar is about […]

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