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The definitive Thales TopSeries list and a revelation about #28

As promised, the good folks at Thales have sent me their full list of announced TopSeries customers. To date the in-flight entertainment (IFE) giant has secured TopSeries deals with just over 40 airlines, which have committed to over 1,000 TopSeries systems. The 31 carriers named in the list below are the ones that have given […]

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Loosing the Bond: A tale of travel freedom and cell phones

I’ve just written a feature for the November issue of Airline Business about how mobile phones are poised to change the entire air travel experience. At least 90% of airline passengers carry mobile phones. But airlines are finally realizing how to take advantage of this fact for both their passengers’ and their own benefit. To […]

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Passengers deserve choice: coalition’s web site goes live

Earlier this week, I wrote extensively about the Passenger Communications Coalition, a group of stakeholders – including AeroMobile and OnAir – whose goal is to convince Congress not to pass the “Hang Up Act”, which is intended to outlaw the use of in-flight mobile phones for voice communications. Well, the coalition’s web site has just […]

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Mobile phone crusade hits US shores

Oh hang on just one second. Is the ill-advised “Hang Up Act” really moving forward in the US House of Representatives? Shockingly, yes! The bill, which is intended to outlaw the use of in-flight mobile phones for voice communications, is expected to head to the House floor in October. It isn’t any wonder, then, that […]

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Show me the money, says IFE expert

I recently wrote a Flight feature about how airlines are turning to in-flight entertainment and connectivity to drive fresh ancillary revenue streams. But is there really big cash to be made? One IFE expert with deep knowledge of the industry doesn’t think so by any stretch. Here is a little food for thought for those […]

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PHOTO: Inmarsat’s third I-4 satellite launched

Inmarsat has confirmed the successful launch and acquisition of the third Inmarsat-4 satellite. The satellite was launched on a Proton Breeze M rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 18 August. Inmarsat launched the first two I-4 satellites in 2005. With this latest achievement, the satellite network provider’s new, higher-bandwidth aeronautical service, SwiftBroadband, will […]

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Fear and loathing of in-flight chatty Kathy unfounded

Predictions that in-flight mobile phone usage would at best prove a nuisance and at worst provoke an onslaught of air rage episodes haven’t materialized. According to Airbus/SITA partnership OnAir, there are three main reasons why this is so – the OnAir system currently allows up to six simultaneous calls, which is not a high proportion […]

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Canada, USA keep hanging up on in-flight cell phones

Canadian and US regulators remain a stubborn bunch when it comes to in-flight cell phone usage – they just don’t want it, can’t see needing it, and insist that travellers abhor the prospect of such chatter in the sacrosanct cabin environment. Oh yeah, and some of them think it might be dangerous too. For heaven’s […]

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Ready, set, chat: AeroMobile supports commercial voice-call first

I haven’t written about one of my favourite subjects – in-flight connectivity – in what feels like ages. But I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to say a big word of congratulations to Arinc/Telenor joint venture AeroMobile, which is now enjoying visible gains from its hard work after the first authorized in-flight mobile phone call […]

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