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Panasonic takes big screens to the skies

Panasonic Avionics has unveiled what it says is “the highest resolution and largest monitor in the [commercial] in-flight entertainment space today”. The new 32in, high-definition LCD monitor is part of a package of new premium in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions for Panasonic’s X Series product line. It was showcased for the first time in a […]

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Need a Ku-band antenna? Check this out!

Wow, what a day for Ku-band satellite-based connectivity, eh? Lufthansa finally confirmed its partnership with Panasonic to reignite overseas connectivity, further catapulting Ku-band into the spotlight (after Southwest Airlines announced ut will equip its entire Boeing 737 domestic fleet with Row 44′s Ku solution). Indeed, Panasonic, like Aircell and Row 44 before it, can now lay claim to the illustrious […]

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AeroMobile gets huge penetration as it readies for transatlantic

AeroMobile is about to show the massive transatlantic market what its GSM/GPRS service is made of. The Arinc/Telenor partnership’s mobile connectivity solution, branded by Panasonic Avionics as eXphone, is part of the connectivity suite being provided by the IFEC giant to Lufthansa, which, by the way, is already making press arrangements for Monday’s big announcement. While […]

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Lufthansa announcement would be “super”: OnAir CEO

The annual World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition is hotly anticipating Monday’s announcement that Lufthansa has partnered with Panasonic Avionics to reinstate in-flight broadband on its overseas flights, a partnership that was first reported here (for those with short-term memories, ahem). Sources with knowledge of the situation say Lufthansa will announce the agreement […]

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First video of Panasonic’s Karma (nice)

Panasonic’s Karma touch-screen handset is hot (yes, we’ve said that before). But here is an indepth on-camera look at everything you can expect. Coming to an airline very soon….

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VIDEO: Panasonic gets radical with Fusion integrated seat

To the casual observer, Panasonic Avionics’ new Fusion integrated seat might seem like just another seat with some sleek IFEC (really sleek…hello highly connected IFE with social networking like Twitter and FaceBook). But Fusion is much more than that. It could pave the way for a sea change in how IFEC manufacturers, aircraft interiors specialists and seat […]

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Exclusive: The Griffin-made iPod connectivity tool for IFE

The annual World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition got off to a roaring start today (and they haven’t even opened the doors to the show floor yet!!) I and my colleague Jon Ostrower have been filing copy throughout the day so be sure to check out Flight Global’s new in-flight entertainment and connectivity […]

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It’s all about connections

As the conversation heats up about whether or not current in-flight Wi-Fi business models make sense, it’s easy to forget just how jaw-droppingly cool – and entertaining and useful – it is to surf the web at 30,000ft. And while people like me (journa-bloggers always on deadline) may fall into the minority who are willing to […]

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Staying seated on James Park Associates’ Cirrus

During the Paris air show in June, I broke the story that US Airways would launch the James Park Associates (JPA)-designed Cirrus seat on its new Airbus A330s. Some journalists tried to debunk my story, referencing vague quotes from US Airways that the seat RWG sat on in Paris was not the seat being selected […]

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Could Bombardier break ground on new IFE&C paradeigm?

  My colleague Megan Kuhn travelled to Montreal this week to witness the groundbreaking of Bombardier’s first CSeries facility, a training center called CIASTA – first revealed here – that will house a virtual CSeries aircraft. While in Montreal, Megan asked Bombardier executives about the airframer’s plans for IFE on the aircraft. You may recall […]

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