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Gulp. That’s cheap. #PAS11

Gulf Air, as first reported by RWG, is poised to bring Panasonic Avionics’ eXConnect in-flight high-speed Internet solution to its fleet (could it announce the deal this week at the Paris Air Show?) but that’s not the only in-flight entertainment and connectivity news breaking about the carrier. According to a recent online post on the […]

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First look: Gulf Air offers ‘embedded portables’ on 737

Seat-centric IFE. Wireless IFE. Seat-centric IFE with wireless IFE applications. Portable IFE. Server-centric IFE. We’re seeing it all at this week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. But here is a new one – digEcor’s embedded portable (I know you’re thinking oxymoron but bear with me). Above is an admittedly grainy snap of an install of […]

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VIDEO: Lufthansa to make life easier for pilots with FlyNet

Civil aircraft operators have long discussed using in-flight connectivity for operational benefits such as real-time electronic flight bag (EFB) applications. Lufthansa, which recently re-launched its FlyNet high-speed Internet service on overseas flights, is about to make real-time EFB a reality, and in turn make life easier for its pilots. Lufthansa captain Andreas Ritter – who […]

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Gulf Air CEO talks iPhone and connectivity in final speech

Gulf Air today announced that CEO Bjorn Naf is to step down and be replaced by current Royal Jordanian Airlines chief Samer Majali. But yesterday, while Naf was still head of the Middle Eastern carrier, he gave a speech at the Aviation club in London. In what could be the Swiss exec’s last public appearance as Gulf’s […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (Dec 19)

Well folks, you might think I’ve headed south for the winter or propped up my feet with a glass of sherry in hand, but in reality RWG is actually working this Friday before Christmas. That’s right. I’m forgoing a third holiday luncheon cocktail to write the IFE&C weekly news roundup. Just like last week’s roundup, […]

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Chicago is the place for pilots next week

Louis Smith knows a thing or two about the aviation industry. A retired Northwest Airlines captain, who completed his career flying the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 on international routes, Louis heads up FLTops.com, a web-only career planning service for professional pilots. I had the good fortune of meeting Louis earlier this month at the Boyd conference […]

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American pilots take a fare trip down memory lane

It’s 1932. You need to find a way to get from New York to Los Angeles in a timely fashion without totally breaking the bank. What do you do? Fly American Airways Inc of course. A “coast-to-coast” ticket – that includes an initial train ride to Cleveland or Columbus – costs $155. Long, comfortable seats, […]

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A pilot’s perspective on BA’s L’Avion buy and scope

A friend of mine who flies as a commercial pilot has some interesting insight into the scope issue facing BA’s OpenSkies. I’ve covered the issue of US pilot scope clauses on this side of the pond many times (this 2006 piece has nearly everything but the kitchen sink), but the issue is now hot-button with […]

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Mergers, scope and the merging of scope?

Analysts, pundits, bloggers, journalists, unions and fellow airlines have all got something to say about the decision by Delta Air Lines to merge with Northwest Airlines, and the SkyTeam members’ promise not to initiate involuntary furloughs or close any of their hubs. But what do employees think? Do they buy it? Check out any aviation […]

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