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Don’t break it. Don’t lose it. Don’t pawn it. Or else!

It’s not every day that I get a chance to write about Estonian Air, especially Estonian Air’s in-flight entertainment (IFE). So when I spotted the carrier’s statement that it is bringing portable DVD players to certain Boeing flights, I was, quite naturally, very excited (I’m still awaiting a diagnosis for this condition). Anyhoooo, on further […]

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AIRVOD’s new in-flight entertainment system

I spotted this patent application today. It was filed by Portland-based law firm ‘Alleman Hall McCoy Russel & Tuttle LLP’ on behalf of Irish in-flight entertainment specialist AIRVOD. The proposed in-flight entertainment system “includes a plurality if media players that are installed at fixed locations within an aircraft cabin”, says the abstract. “Individual media players […]

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Photo and Specs: e.Digital’s new touch-screen portable IFE

Portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) provider e.Digital has scored a customer for its new touch-screen eVU handheld. SriLankan Airlines, which operates a mixture of Airbus A320s, A330s and A340s, will deploy the systems on various routes. Here are the specs for the touch-screen eVU. That 20-hour battery life sure trumps the 10 hours offered on certain […]

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Do passengers prefer portable IFE over embedded?

According to digEcor, they do. But digEcor is a portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) provider RWG, you cry. Fair enough, but the survey is still most certainly worth a read, as it takes a good look at what passengers actually want to watch. Also be sure to read digEcor’s take on the survey in its “key […]

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UPDATE: Meet the world’s first iPad in-flight entertainment system

Updated to include information about bluebox Ai content Bluebox Avionics has formally launched the bluebox Ai, the industry’s first – and thus far only – in-flight entertainment system to utilise the Apple iPad. The UK-based company says bluebox Ai leverages the power, flexibility and quality of the most advanced consumer device ever produced. “And with […]

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Is British Airways weisz to launch a new first class?

British Airways tapped actress Rachel Weisz to show off its new first class cabin, which debuts today on a Boeing 777 headed for Chicago. The timing of the launch is, well, interesting, since many industry executives are foretelling the demise of first class. BA, itself, is mulling dropping business class on a number of short-haul […]

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Playing with PlayStation Portables for the airline market

I’m not a regular player of video games. After overcoming a slightaddiction to Super Mario Bros in my late teens (God, I loved Yoshi), Imust admit I have steered clear of gaming in my adult life.But I’m increasingly becoming part of the minority. My daughter is already showing signs of serious video game interest. Many […]

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Bombardier sees strong niche for all-premium CSeries

Right now a friend of mine is flying from London City to New York JFK aboard British Airways’ new all-premium Airbus A318 service. Said friend is genuinely excited about his trip, and yet he has probably flown darn near every aircraft in darn near every configuration. With such unbridled enthusiasm for the all-premium concept still […]

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Private Jet Anyone? Plane Talk about BA’s A318 service

  A number of journa-bloggers have tried British Airways’ new transatlantic Airbus A318 service between London City airport and New York JFK. But few have broken down the experience in a really in-depth fashion. That’s why I asked Plane Talking, the self-described “fuelling aviation conversation” web site, to write a guest blog and describe what it […]

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Portable IFE meets charitable causes

Portable in-flight entertainment (IFE) specialist digEcor believes handhelds still have a long shelf life despite the proliferation of personal electronic devices (PEDs) among passengers. To wit, the firm is working with Chinese partner Lefeel Media Technology to bring to market new 7in and 10in portables, the L7 and L10 respectively, which are thin, sleek and […]

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