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British Airways and the iPhone experience

We’ve talked a lot about how cell phones and blackberries are changing the travel experience in-flight. But there is plenty of action happening on the ground too. And rightly so. Nowadays, it’s pretty important to have up-to-the-minute flight information at your fingertips. This way, you’ll know when your aircraft is scheduled to (eventually) take off, […]

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How low can you go – air fares then and now

As a traveller, it is absolutely phenomenal to be able to hop a flight to London for the cost of a pricey dinner for two. However, if airlines have any hope of surviving today, can they really afford to charge the same fares as fifty years ago? British Airways is currently running a promotion that makes […]

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A pilot’s perspective on BA’s L’Avion buy and scope

A friend of mine who flies as a commercial pilot has some interesting insight into the scope issue facing BA’s OpenSkies. I’ve covered the issue of US pilot scope clauses on this side of the pond many times (this 2006 piece has nearly everything but the kitchen sink), but the issue is now hot-button with […]

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