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Jetstar inches closer to offering iPads as IFE across fleet

Qantas low-cost operator Jetstar is nearly ready to offer Apple iPads as in-flight entertainment (IFE) units on some 48 Airbus A320 family narrowbodies, and begin A330 widebody roll-out around mid-year. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve been hearing that Jetstar “is poised” to offer iPads-as-IFE for quite some time and it still hasn’t happened. […]

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VIDEO: Watching Qantas A380 blow tires via IFE

While viewing – and recording during landing! – live video feed from the tail-mounted camera on a Qantas A380, some passengers got a bit of a shock.

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Back on course. But of course!!!

A lot of people have been wondering why this blog seemingly veered off course after the Christmas holiday. Some are asking: “What happened to all the coverage about in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and aircraft interiors? Why are you writing about bloggers, social media, TSA agents, and misplaced notebooks? Would you please get a grip […]

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That’s a good start, Australia!

Just read an article from It Wire about how Australia is gearing up to allow in-flight mobile phone use, although passengers will likely be limited to GPRS and SMS. Hey, that’s a good start, Australia! US lawmakers, do you still think your Hang-Up legislation is a good idea? Honestly? Come on. Think!!!Some key pars from […]

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OnAir moves in on long-haul market

My chat with OnAir CEO Benoit Debains wasn’t all about that Airbus offerability issue. Indeed, we talked a lot about what OnAir is doing these days (essentially, the Airbus/SITA joint venture is cooking with gas). So here is a list of key quotes and info from that conversation: OnAir, which is supported by Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband […]

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Why Qantas deserves that award for its A380 economy seat

Qantas has won the 2009 Australian International Design Award of the Year for its Airbus A380 economy-class seat, which was designed by Qantas creative director Marc Newson and manufactured by Recaro Aircraft Seating. But what is so cool about this seat? I think the author of Jetliner Cabins, Jennifer Coutts Clay, put it best when […]

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Switchable seconds – oh yes, people are counting

Earlier this week I posted a video showing a simulation of Boeing’s 787 electrochromic windows. And I asked the question – is the switching speed in the video a far-faster-than-real-life simulation? It’s hard to know for certain. But Boeing is still using a 100-second switching speed in its advertising materials. Check out the following link:http://video.boeing.com:8080/asx_external/events/787_interior_final_091707_300.asx […]

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VIDEO: The great divide in aircraft orders and financing

Okay, so it has taken me a little longer to post this vlog than I expected, but the message to come out of ISTAT last month in Scottsdale is still all too relevant. There is a big – nay huge – divide between aircraft on order and aircraft that are currently financed (or have any hope of near-term financing). […]

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VIDEO: Boeing 787 electrochromic windows in action

I’m working on a blog about the new electric-powered window shades now flying - much to the thrill of passengers – in the bathrooms of Qantas’ Airbus A380 aircraft. So keep an eye out for that. In my research, however, I spotted this new video of the Boeing 787 electrochromic windows in action. It was taken at the Future of […]

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AeroMobile gives us an update

With Honeywell making an apparent play for the spotlight in its announcement that Malaysia Airlines is offering in-flight mobile connectivity, I figure it’s time to push out some interesting facts about Arinc/Telenor joint venture AeroMobile’s progress in general. FACT NUMBER ONE All of AeroMobile’s customers will move to SwiftBroadband once the technology is widely available […]

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