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Big badass antenna for Southwest Airlines’ fleet

Equipage of Southwest Airlines’ fleet with Row 44′s Ku-band satellite-based in-flight connectivity solution might not be happening as quickly as this Southwest frequent flyer would like (only one Boeing 737 is operating with the service), but it is happening, and this is the antenna that is playing a crucial role in that roll-out. Co-developed by […]

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UPDATE: Southwest turns on Wi-Fi on first non-test aircraft

Updated to include comment from Tecom (and a proper photo).Southwest Airlines has turned on in-flight Wi-Fi abroad its first non-test aircraft, RWG can reveal.In an internal email to employees, Southwest says: “Wi-Fi: It’s ON!” Aircraft N910WN, pictured above, is the first “official” Row 44-equipped Southwest aircraft, according to Southwest, which tested Row 44′s system on […]

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Time Economy Seat revealed (+ other Crystal Cabin finalists)

The finalists for the Crystal Cabin Awards for excellence in aircraft interiors innovation have been named. One of them, a University submission from TU M√ľnchen in Munich, is for a so-called Time Economy Chair, a concept conceived for special short rangeflights, “where commuters and travellers have nothing but carry-onluggage with themselves”, according to a brief […]

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Southwest Airlines begins fleet-wide Wi-Fi rollout

Having just heard from a source that Southwest Airlines has installed a new Row 44 Wi-Fi radome on a fifth Boeing 737 (N910WN) – the first non-trial aircraft! – I was armed with a question for Row 44 CEO John Guidon at today’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) single focus workshop in Universal City, Ca. […]

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Need a Ku-band antenna? Check this out!

Wow, what a day for Ku-band satellite-based connectivity, eh? Lufthansa finally confirmed its partnership with Panasonic to reignite overseas connectivity, further catapulting Ku-band into the spotlight (after Southwest Airlines announced ut will equip its entire Boeing 737 domestic fleet with Row 44′s Ku solution). Indeed, Panasonic, like Aircell and Row 44 before it, can now lay claim to the illustrious […]

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T-Mobile formally throws hat into in-flight connectivity ring

I received a lovely surprise this morning. Communications specialist T-Mobile and VT Miltope, ViaSat and TriaGnoSys have formally teamed to offer a Ku-band satellite broadband and GSM telephony service for air transport. We’ve known about this plan for some time, but now we have some details so let’s celebrate. With German-headquartered mobile phone operator T-Mobile […]

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A word about off-axis power density…

The other day I wrote a blog about Qest’s new Ku-band antenna system, the KuStream 1000, which is being developed in tandem with Tecom (BTW, the pairing’s new web site is now live). In that blog, I said ViaSat – which has expressed concerns about Row 44′s antenna-pointing accuracy – will need to show the […]

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Is Qest ready to rumble?

If ViaSat’s relentless objections to Row 44′s antenna-pointing has done anything it has held antenna makers’ feet to the fire in terms of meeting performance criteria. That means that ViaSat will need to show FCC regulators that it can meet its own expectations, which are high, very high. But it also means that new entrants now […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (Dec 12)

UPDATED to include EMS Technologies’ acquisition of Formation, and a Delta disclosure It has been a busy week in the world of IFE&C so let’s do a little roundup of all the stuff I didn’t get a chance to write about, shall we? HARD NEWS: EMS Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Formation, […]

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Direct your attention to Qest

Some folks wonder about my fascination with aircraft antennas. Maybe I’m just a bi-directional kinda gal (don’t all agree at once). Or maybe, this is a subject seriously worth staying on top of…like a fuselage-mounted radome. The fact is that airlines are increasingly adopting in-flight broadband and live television solutions for their passengers. And antennas […]

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