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Less mysticism; manufacturers deliver a reality check to airlines

There isn’t much to celebrate here at Mystic Dunes in Celebration, Florida – one of the overflow hotels for the ISTAT conference. Staying here is like being handed a big, hard buttery crab for dinner only to find the guts of the thing is really green-yellow and rather sickly. But I can’t fault the conference. […]

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787 tale chasing on the Friday before ISTAT

Speculation that Boeing will once again delay the 787 program reached fever pitch yesterday among Wall Street circles and industry talking-heads. Journalists, bloggers and journa-bloggers alike (anyone understand the difference anymore?) did their duty to firm up the story – calling Boeing, 787 customers and anybody who might be willing to go on-record for a […]

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Just shy of a clean dozen; Oneworld to unveil new member

It looks like Los Angeles is going to be THE place to be on April 9. The Oneworld alliance is holding a media briefing at 11:30 am that day, and chief executives from all ten members will be there to unveil the grouping’s latest airline recruit. The announcement will come as Oneworld marks the first […]

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