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Virgin Galactic eyes passenger connectivity for space flights

I can see it now. The tweets. The FaceBook updates. The miles high boasts. “I’m tweeting from space!!” Why? Because Virgin Galactic is looking to offer in-flight connectivity to passengers on its suborbital space tourism flights (they obviously won’t need any seat-back entertainment for that ride).RWG has learned that Sir Richard Branson is studying his […]

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Finnair reveals in-flight connectivity plan for long haul

The other day I blogged about a report in AirAsia’s in-flight mag that Finnair is offering OnAir in-flight mobile connectivity to passengers. It turns out that the AirAsia article isn’t entirely accurate (the carrier isn’t offering connectivity yet). BUT, Finnair has revealed to RWG that it is preparing for a “wireless cabin communication environment” and […]

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AirAsia warns chatterboxes as it fits fleet with OnAir

Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia is vowing to offer OnAir’s in-flight mobile connectivity solution across its entire Malaysian Airbus A320 fleet, allowing passengers to use their phones for data and voice. Just don’t be a chatterbox, warns the carrier. In a message about cell phone etiquette, printed in the carrier’s latest in-flight magazine, AirAsia says the […]

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Virgin’s Branson and Ridgway demo Panasonic connectivity

Virgin Atlantic and Panasonic Avionics last week announced a new partnership that will see the carrier fit its aircraft with new eX2 in-flight entertainment systems and eXPhone in-flight mobile connectivity (the connectivity hardware comes courtesy of Panasonic partner AeroMobile). This is the video that Virgin and Panasonic showed to reporters at the press conference in […]

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VIDEO: Virgin Atlantic reveals in-flight connectivity plan

It has been a Virgin sort of week. So much so that I’m nearly ready to reclaim my own virginity (not   Seriously, though, Virgin Atlantic’s deal with Panasonic Avionics to bring in-flight connectivity to its fleet is interesting on a number of levels.  For starters, Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson and CEO Steve Ridgway […]

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American and Virgin – hey now, we were gaga for Gogo first!

With AirTran’s clever marketing stunt from this morning still fresh in our heads, it’s easy to forget that American Airlines got the Gogo ball rolling last summer, and that Virgin America kept the momentum going with a big YouTube live event that proved Aircell’s in-flight broadband system can indeed support a live broadcast as well […]

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Virgin Atlantic eyes in-flight Internet

Aircell, which currently provides in-flight Internet to North American operators over an air-to-ground (ATG) link, is working closely with a major player in the Ku-band satellite sector on an overseas solution. Okay, regular RWG readers already know this. But did you know that a technical trial could occur “in the next year or so”, likely […]

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Richard Branson won’t be in San Fran but everyone else will

Okay, I’m not going to hide my disappointment that Sir Richard isn’t attending Virgin America’s 22 November launch of Aircell’s Gogo service, which will support the first-ever live air-to-ground video transmission as part of a larger “YouTube Live” event happening in San Francisco. “Richard really wanted to join us, but unfortunately, his schedule did not […]

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Finnair’s crystal ball sees cool exteriors, hot interiors in 2093

What will aircraft look like in 85 years? Finnair, which is celebrating its 85th birthday, seeks to answer that question on its fun new web site Departure 2093 at www.departure2093.com One of my favourite of five visions for future aircraft is the so-called A600-850M “wide-bodied, zero-emission supersonic aircraft”. This 600 to 850-seat aircraft – which […]

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