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Ku-band connectivity hiccups cited by research firm

Having read my recent blog post, ‘SOMEBODY is making money on in-flight connectivity’, research firm Northern Sky Research (NSR) felt compelled to add a little color to its report about the Ku-band sector, and in so doing, dropped a few potential nuggets. Improperly installed antennas? Server overloads? Could this explain why some user experiences of […]

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Brits who have never used in-flight connectivity don’t want it?

Since we’re all running in similar circles these days, you’ve no doubt seen the report from Travelzoo’s meta-search engine Fly.com which suggests that fewer than 5% of passengers want in-flight mobile and Internet access based on a survey of frequent travellers. Furthermore, the September survey “revealed that more than 30% of people would actively avoid […]

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HELP! What’s your favorite airline viral video of 2010?

Some videos get far more hits than others, but what’s YOUR favorite?

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O’Leary serious about stand-up seats for 1hr flights

Ryanair’s O’Leary is serious about stand-up seats for 1hr flights. Apparently… Click directly on pic.

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VIDEO: Pay-to-pee used to be an Alaska joke

It’s not a joke anymore, of course, what with Irish low-cost operator Ryanair apparently now moving fast-forward with a plan to charge passengers to use its bathrooms. I wonder how long it will take before US carrier Spirit Airlines – which has just decided to charge for carry-on luggage -  follows Ryanair on the pay-to-pee […]

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Skew this!

Ok. I’m going to give the OnAir/Ryanair story a rest for a bit (but I think I’ll allow myself the right to point out (just one more time) that the mobile connectivity service touted by OnAir and Ryanair – and deserving of what looks like a French Can Can or an Irish jig – is […]

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Alive and kicking Ryanair to the curb

While chatting with OnAir chief Benoit Debains this morning, I got the sense that our friendly Frenchman isn’t overly concerned that OnAir and Ryanair have parted ways. “It has been a long time now [that] OnAir has not been depending on Ryanair. I wish we kept Ryanair as a customer but the fact is [we] […]

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Did Ryanair want free or nearly free equipage?

That’s just one of the many questions being asked by industry observers today after OnAir’s stunning announcement that it has dropped a contract with its biggest customer, Ryanair, after equipping no fewer than 50 of the low-cost giant’s Boeing 737s with in-flight mobile connectivity service. Key quote from OnAir: “After operating the OnAir service on […]

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Tallying them up

Our fine friends in the in-flight connectivity world were busy in 2009. But, as we near the end of the year, it’s clear that some are not as far along as they had originally planned.Nevertheless, passengers are increasingly finding themselves on aircraft equipped with either in-flight mobile connectivity or airborne high-speed Internet (or mobile connectivity […]

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Can airlines get high dollar from low-stakes gaming?

  Airlines have toyed with the idea of offering in-flight gambling for years. But regulatory and technological barriers coupled with financial risks have kept the vast majority of scheduled carriers out of the game. Even the most aggressive pursuers of ancillary revenue, like Ryanair – which intends to eventually harness OnAir’s mobile connectivity service to […]

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