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Get your groove on with Panasonic at #APEX11

Not to be outdone by the competition Panasonic Avionics has created a super cool micro site (downloadable by QR code scan) for attendees of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) conference and exhibition in Seattle this week. Once you register, you can connect with Panasonic’s ‘eXPerts’, keep abreast of news, and, importantly, get directions to […]

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#EBACE11: Comlux will take your questions aboard the A320 Prestige

Comlux America has delivered its first VVIP cabin of an Airbus A320 Prestige, and is showing off the final product at #EBACE11. I first saw this Prestige last year when I covered the grand opening of Comlux America’s completion center in Indianapolis. Tomorrow, I’ll get the chance to fly on the Prestige over the Swiss […]

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PHOTO: What to do when your IFE doesn’t work

“[There is] nothing a plastic bag and an #iPhone can’t fix when stuck in a plane for 10 hrs and the IFE isn’t working,” says @Eliaskerk, who just posted this pic on Twitter after discovering it on Reddit. Well, ain’t it the truth? Hope there is in-seat power. Happy Wednesday people!

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FaceTime: This changes everything…

A video showing how Apple’s iPhone 4 FaceTime feature worked really well via Aircell’s Gogo in-flight connectivity service is tearing up the web. See below how the story (and, quite frankly, the term “in-flight”) is trending on Twitter and then watch the video. We know that passengers have been using VOIP on US aircraft (even […]

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iPhone + dental floss = IFE

A picture says a thousand words and this little gem above – sitting on the In-flight Entertainment blog – is no exception. It is even sparking some fun discussion among the Twitterati. Responding to the pic, Aviation Week writer and editor and well-known Twitter #avgeek Benet Wilson says: “Nature abhors a vacuum!” Wow, what does that […]

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Dock your iPod for IFE

Apple iPods and iPhones and i-yada, yada, yadas are all wonderful (lord knows I’ve grown rather attached to my iPhone). But, even if you’ve got in-seat power for your device, when it comes to a five-plus-hour flight, all that eye squinting can get bothersome (and wrinkle-inducing). Enter IFPL (Inflight Peripherals Limited), a company that has […]

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Exclusive: The Griffin-made iPod connectivity tool for IFE

The annual World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition got off to a roaring start today (and they haven’t even opened the doors to the show floor yet!!) I and my colleague Jon Ostrower have been filing copy throughout the day so be sure to check out Flight Global’s new in-flight entertainment and connectivity […]

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Gulf Air CEO talks iPhone and connectivity in final speech

Gulf Air today announced that CEO Bjorn Naf is to step down and be replaced by current Royal Jordanian Airlines chief Samer Majali. But yesterday, while Naf was still head of the Middle Eastern carrier, he gave a speech at the Aviation club in London. In what could be the Swiss exec’s last public appearance as Gulf’s […]

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Passengers plug in to Thales and Panasonic

Panasonic and Thales share a lot of things in common. They are both giants in the field of in-flight entertainment (IFE) hardware manufacturing. They both have a long roster of high-profile airline clients. And they both pride themselves on being on the forefront of in-flight technology.  They part ways on a number of key issues, however. Panasonic is pursuing […]

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Panasonic’s Neil James details “iPod merge”

Would you like to know more about Panasonic Avionics’ strategy for bringing iPod connectivity to a cabin near you? I spoke with Panasonic director of corporate sales and marketing Neil James last week. He says the firm’s two-pronged approach calls for Panasonic to initially offer “iPod connect”, a solution that is currently flying with the […]

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