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UPDATE: Southwest to equip 15 aircraft per month with Row 44

This just in…Southwest Airlines and Row 44 will begin fleet-wide roll-out of Row 44′s high-speed Internet system starting in the second quarter (a quarter later than earlier planned).Yes, the carrier has signed an equipment purchase agreement. No word on pricing yet.Here is Southwest’s blog statement on the matter. Run, don’t walk, to Southwest’s ‘Nuts About […]

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Still no contract between Southwest Airlines and Row 44

Southwest Airlines in August 2009 announced plans to equip its entire Boeing 737 fleet with Row 44′s high-speed Ku-band satellite-based Internet solution. At that time, both sides said they were still working out the finer points of the contract, including details on how to finance the installation of Row 44 systems on Southwest’s massive 540-plus […]

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Top five most important IFEC moments of 2009

Following on from last year’s “2008 top five”, here is my list of the top five most important in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) moments of 2009. Please feel free to weigh in with your on thoughts on the matter. 1)    Southwest Airlines agrees to equip entire 500-plus aircraft fleet with Row 44′s Ku-band satellite-based in-flight […]

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In-flight Wi-Fi will be free in two years: IFEC expert

Whether charging you for beverages or bilking you on baggage, US ‘legacy’ carriers have sold their souls to the ‘unbundle everything’ business model. The result, according to in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) expert Michael Planey, is that passengers truly resent any additional fees. In short, they are reaching a point of “fee fatigue”, which is […]

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UPDATED: A mouthful about Row 44, Southwest…and Inmarsat

UPDATE: I heard from a trusted source this morning that Southwest Airlines’ fleet plan, which lists all aircraft maintenance planned three months out, calls for a 737-700 to be equipped with Row 44 in January. This would be the fifth Southwest 737 equipped with Row 44. Consultant Tim Farrar’s latest blog about Row 44 is […]

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LUV lover wants to see Lumexis on the 737s. Do you?

Having learned that Lumexis has secured a deal with a 737 operator for its fiber optics-based in-flight entertainment system, our friend Dan Webb over at Boarding Area blog “Things in the Sky” is hoping that the undisclosed carrier turns out to be Southwest Airlines. Read his entire guest blog here. Do you agree with Dan? […]

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Need a Ku-band antenna? Check this out!

Wow, what a day for Ku-band satellite-based connectivity, eh? Lufthansa finally confirmed its partnership with Panasonic to reignite overseas connectivity, further catapulting Ku-band into the spotlight (after Southwest Airlines announced ut will equip its entire Boeing 737 domestic fleet with Row 44′s Ku solution). Indeed, Panasonic, like Aircell and Row 44 before it, can now lay claim to the illustrious […]

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Airline Wi-Fi revenue generation: It ain’t rocket science

In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC), In-flight Wi-Fi, In-flight Internet, Internet OnBoard…whatever you call it, however you use it, if you’re an airline you need to figure out how to generate revenue from it. So says The Travel Strategist Steven Frischling, who agreed to author a guest blog for RWG in advance of the World Airline Entertainment […]

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Southwest Airlines, Row 44 get clever about in-flight Wi-Fi

Row 44 is planning a big press event at next week’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition, and with good reason. The company is about to unveil a new ancillary-revenue tool that “enables airlines to monetize in-flight broadband even among passengers who do not pay for full Internet access” and will be “the first […]

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The space between…

It seems like everybody and their brother is now talking about how much – if anything – passengers are willing to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi. Scott McCartney in a recent Middle Seat Terminal article said tests show that usage drops off considerably when travellers must pay for in-flight Wi-Fi service. Daniel Indiviglio of The Atlantic […]

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