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Chicago CEO needs to wash her mouth out with soap

I grew up in an Irish Catholic home, where the word “hell” wasn’t so much a curse word as it was a potential destination for my immortal soul. And so, when an executive from Chinese carrier Spring, during a recent presentation at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in Barcelona, misidentified me as a Chicago-based […]

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Low-cost carriers stick to it

There is some brilliant stuff coming out of the World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2009, which is being held this week in Barcelona. Flight has created a special landing page for the event, so do check it out. But two postings have caught my eye – Spring Airlines’ reiteration that it is looking at standing-seats […]

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If you can squeeze into this, you can squeeze into anything

I’m working on an aircraft interiors feature for Flight that will look at whether standing-seat and stacked sleeper seat concepts have any hope of seeing the light of day. Spring Airlines recently made known its interest in the former, and Ryanair followed this announcement by saying it too was looking at such concepts (in an […]

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Stand by your seats: interiors expert tackles timely topic

Standing-seat concepts are in the fray, following Spring Airlines’ confirmation it has spoken to Airbus about adding standing-seats on its Airbus A320s, and Ryanair’s query of passengers on the subject (they are keen to oblige if their ticket is free). But are standing-seats a realistic option? I asked aircraft interiors expert Jennifer Coutts Clay of […]

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Can you stand it? An in-flight bum shelf that is….

News that Chinese carrier Spring Airlines is considering a standing-room-only configuration for its on-order aircraft may give some folks in the interiors space a solid case of déjà vu (while giving Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary even more ideas). It wasn’t so very long ago that the Wall Street Journal broke a story about a similar […]

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