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Thinking outside the box for inside the tube

My recent blog about Design Q’s preliminary concept for ‘troop-type’ seating has generated a lot of interest thanks in no small part to Fox News, which asked in a recent article: “Will Sideways Seating Be Future of Air Travel?” But while some military folks saw sideways seating as ‘no big deal’, others were aghast at the mere mention of […]

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VIDEO: A fly through of the Air Sleeper

I might not be in Hamburg, but you’d be amazed at all the interiors stuff a gal can get stuck into from her desk in Amish Country. Take, for instance, MmilleniumM Group’s Air Sleeper – that stacked bunk for economy and other cabin classes that I’ve been talking about for months. I’ve got the first […]

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VIDEO: Of course we can sleep together!

Sleeper beds for economy class. It’s a titillating concept, but is it realistic or outrageously idealistic? We’ve talked about it here. Now I ask the inventor of the Air Sleeper to convince me and you to embrace a paradigm shift in the way we think about travel. Are you ready to embrace? I am.

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Report: Airbus mulls bunk beds for premium economy

Boy oh boy, the timing of this news couldn’t be sweeter. Yesterday I travelled to Washington National airport to videotape an interview with A I “Indi” Rajasingham, the head of MmilleniumM Group, which has invented a stacked sleeper for economy class, a product about which I wrote extensively here. Now TravelMole is reporting that Airbus is considering […]

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Can we sleep together?

There is nothing new about the idea of stacked sleepers on aircraft. The Boeing Stratoliner, which boasted a near 12ft wide cabin, had plenty of room for sleeping berths. And that operated commercial flights back in the 1940s. In the mid-1980s, first-class passengers on Philippine Airlines could sleep through overnight flights in upper-and lower-level bunk […]

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James Park’s stacked sleeper bed revealed!

As someone who has great trouble sleeping, I am a fan of anything that can facilitate this basic of human needs. Warm milk, hot baths, sleepy time tea, prescription meds, I try them all in search of what is sometimes an ellusive goal. But even the heaviest dose of narcotics won’t put me to sleep […]

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