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UPDATED: A mouthful about Row 44, Southwest…and Inmarsat

UPDATE: I heard from a trusted source this morning that Southwest Airlines’ fleet plan, which lists all aircraft maintenance planned three months out, calls for a 737-700 to be equipped with Row 44 in January. This would be the fifth Southwest 737 equipped with Row 44. Consultant Tim Farrar’s latest blog about Row 44 is […]

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Just how rough is it going to get?

The news that Aircell has started reducing its staff has not come as a big surprise to many insiders and experts in the in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE&C)) industry. Indeed, back in July, when Aircell’s long-standing president and CEO Jack Blumenstein assumed chairmanship from Ron LeMay (pictured), who in turn took the role of president […]

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Tim Farrar takes a stab at the math

Tim Farrar of TMF Associates took a gander at my recent blog about Connexion by Boeing’s numbers – and how one industry insider believes “voice can close the gap” – and the analyst figured he might as well chime in with a few thoughts of his own. Farrar takes a rather more pessimistic view of […]

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Aircell could end up like Connexion: Analyst Tim Farrar

Tim Farrar thinks Aircell’s Gogo in-flight connectivity solution is a great service. He’s just not convinced that the firm will be able to make good on its equipage and financial predictions. The president of consulting and research company TMF Associates felt compelled to write me an email today after reading comments from Aircell chief Jack Blumenstein posted by yours truly. “I […]

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Replacing Connexion: Tim Farrar talks about the challenge

A long-time consultant in the satellite and telecom industries, Tim Farrar of Telecom, Media and Finance Associates has given some truly insightful perspective on the in-flight connectivity scene. In an October 2006 report, he predicted that it would be very difficult to resurrect the Connexion by Boeing service without a very large financial commitment from […]

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