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Boeing’s new 737 interior is a study in limitations

Boeing has announced a new interior for the 737NG family and in so doing the airframer has reminded us that, aside from cosmetic changes, few things are being done to alter the way we fly in commercial narrowbody aircraft. As reported by Flight’s Jon Ostrower, FlyDubai will be the launch customer for the so-called 737 […]

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Airbus A350 – suitable for tomorrow’s extra-wide passengers

I’d like to highlight one final video to come out of the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. In the following clip, Airbus aircraft interiors marketing manager, customer affairs Christophe Cossart shows Flight’s Barbara Cockburn a new cutaway 1:120 scale model of its A350 extra-wide body (XWB). The cutaway model highlights potential interior designs and […]

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Blow some faux with the electronic cigarette!

How in the name of all that is holy did I miss this video from Hamburg? A way to smoke in-flight with a faux cigarette!!! I’m not a smoker – okay, I have the odd one when I’ve had a few drinks – but I know many a smoker who would appreciate the ability to […]

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Panasonic details live television plans for the in-flight crowd

Panasonic Avionics dropped a number of gems into my lap yesterday. As reported here, the company intends to trial its in-flight connectivity service eXConnect on a 737 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) in advance of commercial launch. One avid reader rightly points out that Connexion by Boeing (CBB) was also trialled on a BBJ testbed. Indeed, […]

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One man and one hell of a seat testing tour

He’s known as Singapore_Air on the massively popular airliners.net web site. But I’m going to call him the “seat guru” after his truly amazing forum post about all the extra cool seating options at this week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. I recommend you start at the beginning of his thread and scroll on down for […]

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IFE&C – and interiors – news and rumour roundup (March 26)

As we wait in breathless anticipation for the news to flow from the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg (that’s Interiors without an apostrophe for the sharp-eyed editors amongst you) there is a mountain of in-flight entertainment and connectivity – and interiors – news piling up in advance of the event. And when that occurs, there […]

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Cash bars in economy class? Bring it on!

A cash bar in economy class, now wouldn’t that be nice? For this road warrior, it would be very nice indeed. “There has been talk about cash bars for economy. Whether that continues, with the economic climate, and whether airlines lay out more space for that sort of thing, is not clear,” says top transport […]

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Bombardier reveals CSeries specs; shows off adaptable interior

Lufthansa finally firmed up its letter of interest for 30 CSeries aircraft today, opting for the newly-designated CS100 in 115-seat configuration. The aircraft is headed to Lufthansa’s Swiss unit. And what better way to celebrate the event than a new CSeries web site with some nice detail? Bombardier has done just that, erecting http://www.nowisthefuture.com for those […]

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Aircraft window shades could change our flight experience

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jennifer Coutts Clay is like the Nostradamus of cabin interiors. On page 68 of her book, Jetliner Cabins, Clay predicted that cabin window shades of tomorrow might well be electric-powered. “At the touch of a button, passengers will be able to choose how much outside light […]

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Niki confirmed as launch customer for E-190 slim seats

You might recall that Embraer has been working to offer new slim seats as a standard option across its E-Jets family. Well, I can confirm that Austrian budget carrier Niki next year will become the first commercial operator to install the seats in its Embraer 190 aircraft. The carrier is scheduled to start taking delivery of the […]

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