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No Lumexis system failures, so why won’t US Airways commit?

Even though US Airways has been testing Lumexis’ fibre-to-the-screen IFE system on a single Airbus A320 flying between Orange County, Phoenix and Atlanta – and, by all accounts, the trial has been a success – the carrier has made known that it does not intend to equip its domestic fleet with IFE any day soon. […]

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US Airways says IFE “on hold” due to financing difficulties

Say it ain’t so! US Airways today warned employees that IFE is “on hold” until it can raise the financing to support installations. That is NOT good news for Lumexis. Oh heck, here is US Airways’ exact words: The Lumexis trial has gone mostly well but that trial will be coming to an end soon. […]

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VIDEO: Fat and happy in the back of the aircraft bus

My little blog about airlines charging fat passengers for an extra seat evoked a nice response so here is my solution for keeping passengers – big and small – happy in economy class.

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US Airways enjoys some positive feedback from IFE trial

My trusted colleague Lori Ranson flew out to Phoenix this week to attend US Airways’ annual media day. She reports back with a little update about the Lumexis fibre-to-the-screen system, which is being trialled on a single US Airways Airbus A320. Hey Mary, Just wanted to give you this nib before it gets lost in […]

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Cranky reviews Lumexis on US Airways! Sweet!

Cranky Flier, one of my favorite bloggers, has checked out the Lumexis fibre-to-the-screen IFE system on a US Airways A320. So how is the system doing in trial? It’s running quickly! Nice parental controls! You can exit the video and go back to it and it will remember where you were! If you’re listening to music, you can […]

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VIDEO: A study in IFE contrasts, Virgin America & US Airways

I was going to call this video blog “The Good and The Ugly” since the difference between Virgin America’s and US Airways’ domestic in-flight offerings is so stark. But US Airways is now working to get up to speed in the world of IFE&C. As you’ll see, the Star Alliance member has plenty of room to improve (especially on […]

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US Airways reverses beverage charges!!!

Hell hath not frozen over folks. US Airways is indeed resuming a free beverage service on its domestic flights. I wonder how many negative news articles, passenger complaints and cries of thirst management had to hear about before deciding to cease charging passengers for the bare necessities of life, like water. But whatever the catalyst, US Airways […]

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227 entertainment options on US Airways A320!

I just stepped off a US Airways Boeing 757 that has seen better days. Grotty is the best and only way to describe the interior of the aircraft that flew me from Philadelphia to St Thomas. And I was in first class! (Note to potentially confused colleagues who wonder where the bank came from – […]

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VIDEO: Do pilots want in-flight Internet?

That’s the question I posed to some private and commercial airline pilots, including an American Airlines 777 captain as well as US Airways crewmembers that frequent the popular US Aviation online forum. The response was decidedly mixed. See for yourself in my latest vlogging effort. As always, I welcome your comments and criticism (we’re starting to figure […]

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VIDEO: News, views and a hot shot of that iPod sexy stuff

Amended to include update… The news moves pretty fast around these parts. US Airways has confirmed to its employees that it is looking at LiveTV’s live television system, in addition to Lumexis’ fibre-to-the-screen system. Remember LiveTV also currently offers a basic connectivity solution. It’s something to think about if you watch my latest vlogging effort below. Also, […]

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