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Sweetness and Licht – US Airways shareholders keep it interesting

US Airways’ annual shareholders meeting was nothing if not entertaining today. Outspoken shareholder Evelyn Y Davis, also known as the ‘Queen of the Corporate Jungle’, dressed down management for lots of “outrageous” things like holding the event on the same day as Continental Airlines’ shareholders meeting and for considering a so-called “virtual merger”. Shareholders seemed […]

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Embraer nuggets make for a happy meal

I’m sifting through Embraer’s rather rosy annual “20-F” report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and there appears to be some interesting titbits in the filing. For those of you who are overworked, stressed out, or don’t have enough time to think – let alone read this 120-plus page beast – and for the […]

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Top heavy at Northwest and bottom heavy at American?

What a week it has been for the US air transport industry, eh? Mesa Air Group appears to have narrowly avoided Chapter 11 after prevailing in a court case against Delta Air Lines. US Airways and United Airlines have decided that a merger doesn’t make sense under current economic conditions (note to Delta and Northwest). […]

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Mum about the gun: US Airways explains silence

Why has US Airways been so quiet about that accidental gun discharge incident? The carrier seeks to answer that question in its latest employee newsletter (key phrases bolded below). Do you think this will make it all go away? I’m guessing not. “Here’s some background on the Federal Flight Deck Officer’s (FFDO) program that may […]

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Connectivity revealed to be on US Airways’ agenda

I’m here at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas, after attending a gala celebration for Carlson’s 70th anniversary last night. The room has everything you’d expect, big baths, fancy bidets, and a range of toiletries that will be unceremoniously chucked into my travel bag before I leave. However, the room falls short in one big way […]

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Tempers in Tempe as US Airways labour plans Media Day picketing

It’s the eve of US Airways’ annual media day. The carrier’s public relations team is hard at work organizing a “salsa challenge” tonight for journalists (think of a room full of rival publications, lots of onions and knives). I wonder if there will be any tears. Quite seriously, though, I must applaud US Airways for […]

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More US Airways 757s earmarked for ETOPS

Securing extended range twin-engine operations (ETOPS) certification for more Boeing 757-200s is part of US Airways’ strategy, despite the Star Alliance member’s substantial standing order for Airbus A330s. Asked if the eight other 757-200s from its “East” operation will get ETOPS and new winglets, management in its latest employee newsletter said: “A/C 942 is scheduled […]

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Mesa CEO Jonathan Ornstein Admits “Biggest Mistake” of Career

Say what you will about Mesa’s top guy, Jonathan Ornstein, the man speaks his mind. In a candid interview with me today, Ornstein admitted that Mesa’s decision not to invest in US Airways during the Star Alliance member’s 2005 exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and merger with America West Airlines was a big ole […]

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Where’s the Love? US Airways Calls ATR Turboprop “Very Old Design”

I wonder if ATR is in any way miffed at the apparent reversal in enthusiasm shown by US Airways for the European airframer’s aircraft?Just this past November the Star Alliance member said ATR’s 72-500 turboprop made a favourable impression on the carrier during the aircraft’s North American tour.Specifically, US Airways lauded the ATR 72-500’s quiet […]

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Shit Or Get Off The Pot: Post-bankruptcy Majors Said to be Merger Sniffing Again

As reports surfaced today that Delta Air Lines is once again in the merger market, who among us felt a rather nauseating case of déjà vu? One need only Google the words “Delta merger” to see just how much ink has been wasted on the “will they/won’t they” debate (arguably first started when US Airways […]

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