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PICTURE: Aircell’s video service won’t be incognito for long

Aircell is on schedule for a summer beta roll-out of its video download service, RWG can reveal. The service allows passengers to download movies, television shows and other content for a fee on aircraft equipped with Aircell’s Gogo in-flight broadband solution. “Between the summer 2010 and the end of this year and into the first […]

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VIDEO: Day 1 review of #DXB09

Jon Ostrower, aka Flightblogger, joined me in wrapping up day one of the Dubai air show.

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VIDEO: He said, she said – Day 1 gab fest from Paris

I teamed up with fellow Flight journalist – and renowned Flightblogger – Jon Ostrower to chat about Day 1 of the Paris air show. Honestly, we’re having too much fun here.

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VIDEO: Lufthansa less certain on ’09 broadband launch; still high class

Some pretty significant news here, folks. Lufthansa is no longer certain it will reignite broadband Internet on its overseas flights this year. The carrier is still very much interested, but some issues need to be sorted. Also, there are no guarantees broadband will be offered on Luftie’s first A380 (due early next year), but we already know the […]

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VIDEO: Fat and happy in the back of the aircraft bus

My little blog about airlines charging fat passengers for an extra seat evoked a nice response so here is my solution for keeping passengers – big and small – happy in economy class.

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VIDEO: Watch Runway Girl’s videos on your cell phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and so I hope my colleague Rob Coppinger, proprietor of the fantastic Hyperbola blog, doesn’t object to my copy-cat blog about how readers can access Runway Girl’s videos on the YouTube channel RunwayGirlMaryKirby. Check out the video below, and then scroll down for some of my blog’s most popular vlogs thus far (I […]

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VIDEO: The great divide in aircraft orders and financing

Okay, so it has taken me a little longer to post this vlog than I expected, but the message to come out of ISTAT last month in Scottsdale is still all too relevant. There is a big – nay huge – divide between aircraft on order and aircraft that are currently financed (or have any hope of near-term financing). […]

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VIDEO: Why the Hamburg Interior’s Expo is so important

Hello Runway Girl readers, I just pushed out a quick and dirty web cam video about the upcoming Hamburg Interior’s show.  It should be a great event. Just check out some of the IFE&C players that will be there.  

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VIDEO: A study in IFE contrasts, Virgin America & US Airways

I was going to call this video blog “The Good and The Ugly” since the difference between Virgin America’s and US Airways’ domestic in-flight offerings is so stark. But US Airways is now working to get up to speed in the world of IFE&C. As you’ll see, the Star Alliance member has plenty of room to improve (especially on […]

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VIDEO: Do pilots want in-flight Internet?

That’s the question I posed to some private and commercial airline pilots, including an American Airlines 777 captain as well as US Airways crewmembers that frequent the popular US Aviation online forum. The response was decidedly mixed. See for yourself in my latest vlogging effort. As always, I welcome your comments and criticism (we’re starting to figure […]

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