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Latches, window shades, lighting, oh my. Simpliflying the 787!

Forget about the chronic delays of the Boeing 787 for a moment and head on over to the Simpliflying web site for an exclusive tour of the cabin mock-up by Boeing exec Colleen Rainbolt as well as Simpliflying’s assessment of the tour. Rainbolt expertly explains why the aircraft will be a brand differentiator.

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Update on PPG shades

Flight Show Daily (FSD) is running a nice little update about PPG at the Paris Air Show. PPG is supplying window systems for the Boeing 787. Here is the FSD blurb in its entirety. PPG Industries (hall 2, D57) is giving Paris visitors a glimpse into the future with a working demonstration of its controllable electrochromic […]

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Switchable seconds – oh yes, people are counting

Earlier this week I posted a video showing a simulation of Boeing’s 787 electrochromic windows. And I asked the question – is the switching speed in the video a far-faster-than-real-life simulation? It’s hard to know for certain. But Boeing is still using a 100-second switching speed in its advertising materials. Check out the following link:http://video.boeing.com:8080/asx_external/events/787_interior_final_091707_300.asx […]

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Bombardier studies electrochromic windows as CSeries option

Bombardier is studying whether to offer electrochromic windows as an option to CSeries customers. The electronically dimmable systems are already being used by Boeing on the 787. Airbus has them as an option for the A350. “Some airlines think that for maintenance purposes, ‘keep it simple and just go with the [regular] shade’ but we are […]

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Emirates talks shades

The electro-mechanical shades that I was talking about the other day are gaining a fan base. Emirates reveals it has installed the shades on its very latest Airbus A380s, and that it is bringing them to its Boeing 777s. And the carrier’s passengers are applauding. “My father flew on [the A380] and he said [the shade] was brilliant. If […]

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Aircraft window shades could change our flight experience

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jennifer Coutts Clay is like the Nostradamus of cabin interiors. On page 68 of her book, Jetliner Cabins, Clay predicted that cabin window shades of tomorrow might well be electric-powered. “At the touch of a button, passengers will be able to choose how much outside light […]

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