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A WAEA workshop, a professor at MIT and more “C” love

Okey dokey smokey. I just booked my flight to Seattle to attend the WAEA single focus workshop on connectivity this month. This should be REALLY interesting as it comes at a time when airline and passenger interest in airborne communications is soaring. Check out the whole agenda here. You’ll see that it boasts an incredible line-up of […]

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Welcome to the grapevine, Voyant

Mary, why isn’t Voyant on your grapevine? It’s a question I’ve been asked on this blog and via personal email a number of times. The fact is I’ve been meaning to write about Voyant for at least six months, ever since the company hit the World Airline Entertainment Association’s annual conference and exhibition in Long […]

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Portable IFE players to find sweet spot in 2009: analyst

Hello 2009! And welcome back RWG readers. Last week I did the unthinkable. I harassed two well-known IFE&C gurus during the holidays in order to secure comment for an industry forecast piece for Flight magazine. Thankfully, IMDC chief executive Wale Adepoju and consultant Michael Planey were willing to spare a few minutes for me. I’ll […]

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PHOTOS: The Lumexis IFE system that could find itself on a US Airways A320

So the trial of Lumexis’ new seat-back IFE system on a US Airways Airbus A320 may have been delayed, but that shouldn’t stop us from getting a good look at it now. Lumexis was in attendance at the recent WAEA exhibition in Long Beach. Here are some Lumexis shots from the show. Sweet!

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Oh bugger, if I only had some laptop space

Last week LiveTV had some friendly fun at the expense of in-flight broadband providers. Executives distributed small Praying Mantis figurines as swag at the WAEA show. But what was the message? “That’s what broadband is like at the back of the plane,” quipped LiveTV vice president of sales and marketing Mike Moeller. Check out the […]

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Rumors, fun facts and cool quotes

One of the wonderful things about executives in the in-flight entertainment and connectivity industry is that they are generally very chatty (another wonderful thing is that many of them, like myself, enjoy a good open bar). During the WAEA show last week in Long Beach, I had some interesting discourse with big and little players alike. Let’s start […]

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US Airways puts Lumexis IFE test on indefinite hold: source

UPDATED to include new Lumexis comment Last week Lumexis’ fibre-to-the-screen in-flight entertainment (IFE) system was heralded as a potential gamechanger for AVOD. This week the picture looks fuzzier. US Airways has put on indefinite hold its trial of the Lumexis system. A source tells Runway Girl that Lumexis informed the carrier that it cannot meet an […]

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Mobile phone crusade hits US shores

Oh hang on just one second. Is the ill-advised “Hang Up Act” really moving forward in the US House of Representatives? Shockingly, yes! The bill, which is intended to outlaw the use of in-flight mobile phones for voice communications, is expected to head to the House floor in October. It isn’t any wonder, then, that […]

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Chatter boxes: A Podcast discussion from WAEA

Oh my aching feet. I’m seriously questioning my own logic for wearing 3 inch heels at the busy WAEA show. Needless to say, I was grateful for the opportunity yesterday to sit down with my colleague Lori Ranson and IAG’s Addison Schonland to discuss and review Day 2. We talked about everything from Air Canada’s decision […]

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A whale of a good time aboard Row 44′s Albatros seaplane

Hello fair readers, I’m sending this email from a Grumman Albatros seaplane that has been equipped with Row 44′s in-flight connectivity service. Row 44 in June acquired the 1952-built aircraft, originally used by the US Air Force, for use as a testbed of its high-speed service. The company completely redid the avionics, and is in […]

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