Rage Against the (Defense) Machine

I wish that as many people as possible take a few moments to read an incredible article published this month in Signal Magazine, the house organ of the AFCEA International.

The article by retired Navy Commander Gregory Glaros is headlined, "Are You Angry Yet?".

You will read a no-holds-barred manifesto of rage directed at the repeatedly demonstrated incompetence of US defense companies and their overseers in the Pentagon.

Here’s a small sampling, but, please, go read the full article:

"There is little understanding of the systems engineering methods needed in the information age. One system failure after another plagues the Defense Department. We can only wonder, Do defense industries have the skills to build our future, or does the feedback loop in current contracts simply reinforce failure?

Despite the absurdities, the Defense Department continues to defend the cost structure of these platforms and the companies that produce them without penalty. How can our nation continue to fail so consistently with such extravagance? It would seem that oversight, leadership, engineering and production have merged–with disastrous results. Two of our biggest defense companies posted record profits last year, yet no one seems to be outraged. If we protected our troops as well as we do these programs, the loss of so many fine men and women in combat certainly would decline."


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